German Retailer SportPoint Partners with easycash Loyalty Solutions for Customer Loyalty Mobile App

Ingenico, through its subsidiary easycash Loyalty Solutions, has launched a customer loyalty mobile application for German sporting goods retailer Sportpoint.

The new mobile application, combined with the existing “go4sport” customer card, offers a comprehensive multichannel loyalty program in all SportPoint’s stores in Germany. The “go4sport” app is available in the iTunes store in Germany.

SportPoint will enable its customers to benefit from a wide range of

Functions and drive more loyalty for its consumers -- whether they use Go4sport or the mobile application -- including collecting bonus points, receiving tailor-made digital coupons and rebates or viewing the latest news and campaigns on their mobile devices. Customers will also be able to view their bonus in real time and spend through their card prepaid function.

Based on their personal preferences, customers can also opt-in to receive individual digital coupons, which they will combine with their bonus points for additional savings. The application also includes a store finder and an overview of SportPoint’s current offers.

Jochen Freese, CEO of easycash Loyalty Solutions, told Loyalty 360 that SportPoint used to be a customer with a gift card program.

“They asked for a relaunch and selected us,” he explained. “They integrated a payment functionality in the card. Points are collected immediately and can be redeemed immediately. The second step of the relaunch comprised the mobile app with a virtual loyalty card and intelligent couponing. Next steps will be mobile registration and an Android version.”

General coupons are for everybody who downloads the app, Freese said.

“Then you can select according to your interests,” he explained. “We also do personalized coupons based on purchase behavior. Intelligence is based on that narrative on purchase behaviors and sending out relevant individual and location based coupons for each mobile user who opted in previously. Redemption of points can also be done through mobile in the future. We can’t do that now.”

At the core of any loyalty program is delivering relevant information to customers, Freese said.

“We want to give SportPoint members access to events, previews, exclusive sales, and other things. We can easily do that via mobile and create value for the consumer. There has to be a value addition for the customer. Let’s hear the customer, what they really need, and what they really want. Some innovation isn’t meeting merchants’ needs at the end of the day. If your infrastructure isn’t ready yet, forget about all innovation.”

Freese said his company’s loyalty programs are primarily within Germany so far.

“Part of our strategy is to drive internationalization in 2014,” he said. “Being part of the Ingenico group will help us. France, Spain, and the U.K. are more advanced when it comes to loyalty, and that’s where we see good opportunities. Ingenico has organizations in all European countries, so we have contacts as well as relationships there and this we will leverage.”

SportPoint, which is based in Berlin, is the top retailer of sporting goods in eastern Germany. It has been offering professional and hobby athletes exciting shopping experiences for the most popular sports since 1993. SportPoint operates 20 stores.

easycash Loyalty Solutions is a German market leader for card-based customer loyalty and gift voucher solutions that increasingly also offers payment and credit card features.

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