Genesys Customer ExperienceThe pursuit of a true omni-channel and highly personalized customer experience continues to be a challenging goal to achieve. As the entire marketing landscape shifts toward a customer engagement strategy that connects consumers across all touchpoints, channels and interactions, forward-looking brands are starting to embrace an omni-channel mindset to introduce an increased level of immediacy and relevancy to consumers everywhere.

No longer simply a competitive differentiator, omni-channel customer engagement is becoming an essential offering, and Genesys is helping brands to crack this omni-channel code. And Genesys, a leading provider of omni-channel customer experience and contact center solutions, has just announced another addition to its platform.Genesys Customer Experience

With this new acquisition, Genesys will introduce SpeechStorm to accelerate its already powerful suite of omni-channel capabilities. As the primary designer of self-service applications for mobile, web and interactive voice recognition (IVR) channels, SpeechStorm will allow Genesys’ self-service solutions to offer even more seamless and personalized customer experiences.

Specifically, SpeechStorm will give Genesys clients access to 70 pre-built self-service phone applications optimized for everyday needs. This will allow consumers to quickly and easily complete a wide range of actions such as pay bills or change address, for example. These phone applications also include employee and customer satisfaction surveys, self-service for telecoms operators, and self-service banking for organizations such as balance inquiries, transfers, and much more.

According to Genesys, the SpeechStorm system is easily managed through a unique business user interface and can be quickly integrated.

“The application catalog of self-service applications is suitable for all industry sectors, and which can be further configured and customized to meet specific business needs,” Scott Kolman, Genesys VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, told Loyalty360.

Kolman also explained that the new SpeechStorm interface allows for the quick deployment of friendly, effective self-service with 70% less effort than traditional development approaches. It will also give organizations the ability to conduct real-time performance management and to instantly change call flows and prompts as needed to better deliver effective, enjoyable, personalized, and dynamic interactions.

As more brands and marketers accept the challenge of offering a personalized and onmi-channel customer experience, self-service solutions are providing interesting new ways to connect the entire customer journey.

“Omni-channel self-service provides the ability for consumers to utilize multiple channels and modalities to accomplish tasks without the need to interact with an agent,” Kolman said. “By leveraging omni-channel capabilities, companies can empower their customers to start an interaction in one channel – move to another channel and pick up the interaction right where they left off.  Carrying forward context from one channel to another makes the interaction easier and more seamless for the customer.”

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