However Tier Two Suppliers Capture Share from Smaller Competitors in Several Market Segments Revealed in Percepta Associates’ New Gene Expression Profiling Life Science Dashboard(TM) Market Research Report

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 05, 2010—Percepta     Associates Inc. announces the release of Series Three     of its Gene     Expression Profiling Life Science Dashboard(TM) market     research report. Unique to the Percepta report, Series Three offers     comparisons to the findings of Series One (February 2007) and Series Two     (April 2008). Percepta’s survey of active global life     science researchers revealed that Life Technologies’  Applied     Biosystems division and Affymetrix  are maintaining their     leads in the quantitative real-time PCR and microarray market segments     respectively. Roche Applied Sciences is     reported to be capturing share in both gene specific and non-specific     labeling for quantitative real-time PCR segments analyzed. The     Roche share gain is coming from 3rd     and 4th place suppliers. Agilent     Technologies and Illumina both continue to capture market share     in the microarray segment even as Affymetrix holds steady, as other     niche suppliers appear to be in decline. Bio-Rad     Laboratories  remains a strong player in several relevant     segments.

Product segments analyzed in Series Three of the new Gene     Expression Profiling Life Science Dashboard(TM) include:

—      Differential gene expression studies using multiplex PCR

—      Microarray-based gene expression studies

—      qRT-PCR (cDNA template) using gene specific fluorescent probe

—      qRT-PCR (cDNA template) using non-specific SYBR(R) Green

—      Northern blot analysis

—      Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) studies

—      Transcriptome studies using tiling arrays

—      Transcriptome studies via short-read sequencing

—      Digital gene expression/molecular barcodes (NEW in this study)

Gene expression profiling methods enable the detection and     measurement of multiple expressed gene transcripts in a single RNA       sample. Continually evolving methods, such as microarray analysis,      multiplex PCR and quantitative real-time PCR, are integral to     deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved in gene function,      biological development and disease progression, and are important tools     in the discovery and development of new drug targets and diagnostic     biomarkers. New tools such as transcriptome studies via     short read sequencing or tiling arrays, while not yet uniformly adopted,      are growing at attractive rates and may represent excellent     opportunities for life science suppliers.

Satisfaction with products offered by the leading suppliers has     increased markedly over the 2008 Gene Expression Profiling Dashboard,      with a corresponding decline in the percentage of scientists that have     switched suppliers over the past six months for several key market       segments. “The market leaders seem to be cementing their     positions in large, mature segments such as qRT-PCR and microarray       analysis. These suppliers have fine-tuned their     product offerings and developed savvy technical support staff— as a     result, customer loyalty to these suppliers appears to have increased     measurably over the last 18 months,” said Mike Klein, Principal at       Percepta. “It appears that scientists are tending to     choose the two or three tried and true suppliers in these more mature     segments and are achieving successful results, to the detriment of the     next tier of companies.”

To view gene expression profiling market research sample data and     questionnaires click     here.

Life     Science Dashboards(TM) are a readily accessible sources of     current, segment-specific, market research. Designed and implemented by     industry veterans, each dashboard provides key life science market       indicators compiled from the survey responses of qualified     decision-makers and researchers actively using life science research     products. Unlike other market research reports, Percepta’s Dashboards     feature an “at-a-glance” format that provides rapid access to actionable     key market indicators such as market size, share and growth.

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Founded in 2005 in Carlsbad, California, Percepta     Associates serves a rapidly growing roster of     bioscience clients across North America and Europe. Percepta is a     specialized consultancy providing expert market research,  strategic     business planning, portfolio management, product and corporate branding     and marketing communications services.

SOURCE: Percepta Associates

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