Game Ready to Provide Behind-the-Scenes Footage and Commentary on     Team RadioShack

ALAMEDA, Calif.—CoolSystems, Inc., makers of Game     Ready®, a leading active     compression and cold therapy system designed to enhance recovery,      today announced the launch of its behind-the-scenes look into the world     of competitive cycling by providing expert analysis, images and     commentary throughout the Tour de France as Team RadioShack competes to     win the prestigious cycling event. Game Ready recently announced that it     was chosen     to provide the recovery solutions for Team RadioShack.

Game Ready will be providing daily commentary on the Tour through the     company’s Twitter feed @GetGameReady,      posting race photos and updates at and offering in-depth analysis and training tips from industry leaders     on its Out     of the Saddle blog.

“We are thrilled to be supporting Team RadioShack as they move through     each stage of the Tour,” said Russ Harrison, Game Ready’s president and     CEO. “For the first time, Game Ready will be providing a chance for fans     to keep up with Team RadioShack with dedicated Tour commentary and       insight through a variety of social media channels. This is a win for     our fans and a way to expose the sport of cycling to a larger audience.”

During the Tour, members of Team RadioShack will use the Game Ready     System to aid in preparation for the race and for recovery after each     stage. Game Ready differs from conventional cold therapy solutions by     offering active pneumatic compression from form-fitting anatomic wraps.      The combination of cold and active compression helps reduce swelling,      control edema, and increase blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to     injured areas – encouraging an enhanced healing process. The system is     used by over 800 individual professional athletes and 550 professional     and collegiate sports teams already.

Follow all the Game Ready and Team RadioShack action at these sites:

Twitter: @GetGameReady and @TeamRadioShack


Blog: Out     of the Saddle

For more information about Team RadioShack, visit

About Game Ready

Based in Alameda, Calif., CoolSystems, Inc., makers of Game Ready®,      manufactures and markets active pneumatic compression/cryotherapy     systems for both people and animals. The systems provide intermittent or     cyclical compression while simultaneously delivering dry,  adjustable     cold therapy to the affected area with anatomically fitted wraps.  The     system can be operated with minimal training, and with its patented     ergonomic wraps, adjustable temperature and compression levels,  its     portable design can be incorporated into a multitude of treatment     protocols. For more information, please visit

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