Ohio-based FUSIAN, which allows guests to create their own sushi from a menu of diverse ingredients, is stepping into the digital space with a new mobile app, featuring the chain’s upcoming loyalty program, FUSIAN Rewards.
The app was developed through a collaboration with both Olo online ordering, which already works with QSR chains like Chipotle and Five Guys Burgers & Fries, as well as LevelUp, a company specializing in driving customer loyalty through the mobile channel.
Through working with these partners, FUSIAN’s mobile app offers robust functionality in several facets including the introduction of FUSIAN Rewards, a program that rewards customers for repeat visits to the sushi chain. For every $99 spent at FUSIAN, customers will earn $9 back. In addition, guests can earn status tiers (silver, gold, platinum, and black) that allow access to additional saving and rewards.
“Our guests have been asking us for both a mobile ordering solution and loyalty program since day one,” said Zach Weprin, CEO and Co-Founder at FUSIAN. “We are ecstatic that we are now able to offer them both of these things plus mobile payment in one cohesive app. Our goal is to continually improve the FUSIAN experience and hospitality for our guests. This technology is a major step forward in making that happen.”
In developing the app, FUSIAN hopes to improve what it views as the three most important aspects of the transaction: Ordering, paying, and earning points via a loyalty program. The app enables mobile payment by linking a payment source to the app itself and utilizing a checkout scan for a more seamless customer experience.
“It’s thrilling to work with a great brand like FUSIAN, and our longtime partner Olo, to deliver best-in-class mobile payments, ordering and loyalty experience for FUSIAN's customers,” said Seth Priebatsch, Founder & CEO of LevelUp. “FUSIAN is deeply committed to creating excellent customer experiences and we're looking forward to helping them continue to do so.”
As an added bonus, users will earn a free sushi roll upon downloading the app, encouraging enrollment and ideally setting the tone for continued engagement with the brand. The app is available now on both iOS and Android devices.

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