Marketing Service Provider selects marketing database, business intelligence, analytics, campaign management and social media monitoring offerings to enable personalized customer engagement solutions for North American organizations

Chicago, IL. August 10, 2010—Alterian (LSE: ALN), the leader in customer engagement technology and solutions, today announced that FSA Datalytics has partnered with Alterian to leverage Alterian’s technology infrastructure as the core marketing management solution partner for its operations in Canada.

FSA Datalytics will use a wide range of Alterian’s products and services to offer customized marketing database solutions, including Alterian’s Social Media Monitoring, Email Deployment , Web Content Management, Campaign Management and Analytical Reporting.

Together, these offerings address a difficult and growing challenge in which marketers must respond to rapidly changing consumer demands and higher expectations for relevant, interactive communication across a range of channels, rather than untargeted advertising or outbound communication.

“Our clientele demand immediate and superior results from their marketing investment, so it was critical that we created a sophisticated marketing platform with a robust and forward-thinking feature set,”  said Jacob Ciesielski, Managing Director at FSA Datalytics. “We thoroughly evaluated the top marketing software companies and determined that Alterian’s offerings are ahead of the competition with its features set, while providing the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers, as well as the quickest time-to-market capabilities.”

This is a strategic partnership for FSA Datalytics, who strives to enable its clients to develop and deploy customized marketing engagement solutions to improve marketing results.  Clients can procure hosted,  software-as-a-service (SaaS) customer engagement solutions from FSA Datalytics or can engage FSA Datalytics to execute marketing programs on the client’s behalf. FSA Datalytics’ clients operate across a variety of marketing channels, including social media, mobile marketing, email and print.

“We are extremely pleased to add the very talented group at FSA Datalytics to our network of partners in Canada,” said David Eldridge,  Alterian Chief Executive Officer . “As a result of this partnership, FSA Datalytics’ clients will be able to more effectively mine direct marketing intelligence from customer and prospect databases, drive incremental revenues, and transform their marketing capabilities from good to great.”

About FSA Datalytics

FSA Datalytics is a subsidiary of The FSA Group, a privately owned marketing services provider that produces and distributes over six million direct communications per month for a wide range of clients in the Agency, Financial, Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Automotive,  Publishing, Education and Not-For-Profit markets.  The FSA Group’s services include variable digital print (VDP), web to print, print on demand, and web based custom online fulfillment tools, along with many other marketing services, including call center and distribution services.

Formed in 2009, FSA Datalytics creates customized marketing engagement solutions to help businesses acquire new and manage its existing customers through preferred communication channels.  FSA Datalytics helps its clients gather and build effective consumer intelligence that improves efficiencies and increases ROI.

About Alterian

Alterian (LSE: ALN) enables organizations to create relevant,  effective and engaging experiences with their customers and prospects through social, digital, and traditional marketing channels. Alterian’s Customer Engagement solutions are focused in four main areas: Social Media, Web Content Management, Email, and Campaign Management &  Analytics.

Alterian technology is utilized either to address a specific marketing challenge or as part of an integrated marketing platform, with analytics and customer engagement with the individual at the heart of everything. Working alongside a rich ecosystem of partners, Alterian delivers its software as a service or on premise. For more information about Alterian visit or the Alterian blog at

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