FreshDirect is an online grocer that delivers to residences and offices in the New York City metropolitan area, and this year it plans to enhance its mobile offerings significantly to elevate customer engagement.

It also offers next-day delivery to much of New York City and parts of Nassau and Westchester Counties, New YorkFairfield County, ConnecticutHobokenNewark, and Jersey City; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What makes it unique is FreshDirect custom-prepares groceries and meals for its customers, a manufacturing practice called Just In Time that reduces waste and improves quality and freshness. The service is popular for its distribution of organic food and locally grown items, as well as items that consumers see in supermarkets daily. It also delivers numerous kosher foods and is recognized by the Marine Stewardship Council as a certified sustainable seafood vendor.

According to the company website, FreshDirect is “on a mission to deliver quality beyond question and convenience that adds something great to your day.”

Chris Woodard, VP of Customer Journey Management for FreshDirect, told Loyalty360 that the company plans to enhance its mobile offerings by driving better quality and performance on its mobile applications, through monitoring and automated testing, to create a more streamlined and reliable shopping experience.

“We always strive to ensure that core customer actions are seamless and synchronized across all devices and platforms,” Woodard said. “In 2017, we will be expanding food offerings to meet people’s diverse food lives and on-the-go lifestyle. We know that some people don’t want to cook an elaborate meal every night after a long day at work, so we are offering a mix of prepared meals, hacks, and our new meal kits – which are all 30 minutes or less and non-subscription. We will also continue to concentrate on listening to our customers’ needs and expanding selection based on their requests.”

FreshDirect’s customers are extremely loyal, Woodard noted.

“We measure loyalty from the moment that a customer interacts with our site and either transacts with us or doesn’t – and we work hard to understand what drives them to come back and shop,” Woodard explained. “When we launched FoodKick in 2016, we saw a large portion of both loyal FreshDirect customers and new consumers shopping with FoodKick and becoming more passionate about FreshDirect as a whole. Our loyalty metrics and definition of customer loyalty are shifting as we navigate the full customer journey across two businesses.”

In January 2016, FreshDirect launched FoodKick, a new mobile-first food business that connects consumers to the freshest, tastiest finds in food, drinks, and lifestyle essentials all delivered within an hour.

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