First Watch, a growing chain of more than 180 restaurants that specializes in breakfast, brunch, and lunch took a big step toward elevated customer engagement on Wednesday. This is because the restaurant announced a new partnership with Sparkfly, which will allow for increased capability when it comes to capturing and tracking both transactional and promotional data.
The benefits of this type of data management platform are found in the measurement stage of marketing analysis. Because the brand will now have immediate, real-time access to data regarding purchase history and promotional tracking, First Watch can easily check the status of current marketing efforts, while also planning for future campaigns that will target specific market segments.
“Thanks to Sparkfly, we now have a single, foundational, attribution platform that provides real-time data to our loyalty and CRM platforms,” said First Watch President Chris Tomasso. “This opens the door for us to identify ‘surprise and delight’ offers that are best suited to our guests’ interests and purchase habits. In addition, the digital promotion capability improves operational efficiency at the restaurant level because guests can easily redeem offers from their mobile phones with single-use codes. Managers no longer need to approve paper coupons or set up multiple promotions in our POS system.”
Keeping in mind the omnichannel nature of today’s consumer, the SparkFly platform enables First Watch to communicate over a variety of devices, including email, social media, or even SMS, better known as texting. These options open up various channels for communication, engaging customers when and where they’re most receptive to marketing materials.
“Our work with First Watch is a great example of how powerful it is to bridge the usual gap between digital marketing programs and in-store transaction activity, in real time and at item-level,” said Sparkfly CEO Catherine Tabor. “It works in two directions – the transaction data we capture drives smarter marketing programs, while our promotion tracking offers a clear view of how campaigns are performing.”
SparkFly is far from experienced; the company has integrated with more than 20 POS vendors already, with First Watch being the latest. With the advantage of this new data platform, First Watch is on the fast track to customer engagement with new targeted marketing opportunities.

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