FIJI Water Redesigns a Customer Experience for Active, Healthy Lifestyles

FIJI Water designs loyalty program around healthy lifestyles Winning brand loyalty demands that marketers gain and maintain a solid understanding of their customers. An inundation of both choice and social technologies has transferred power to the consumer, and, as such, brands seeking a successful approach to customer engagement must keep pace with consumer expectations.

FIJI Water understands this process, and takes great care to design products and services that fit with the lifestyles of its customers. In this respect, FIJI Water, the iconic purveyor of the country’s leading natural artesian bottled water, considers customer experience to be a top priority.

“Excellent customer experience with our product that is both meaningful and relevant is of utmost importance to us,” Clarence Chia, FIJI Water VP of Marketing, told Loyalty360. “We know our customers are choosing to spend a little more on premium bottled water when there are many other options to choose from at the store. In the end, we want to give them the best experience possible by offering something very unique and that they can’t find anywhere else in the market place.”

An exciting new aspect of this customer experience comes via FIJI Water’s new 700 mL size bottle. Launched as part of the brand’s 20th anniversary, the bottle features a sleek appearance and a slim feel that marks the first redesign in almost 10 years.

The new product was engineered specifically with FIJI consumers in mind. To learn what its customers do find meaningful and relevant, FIJI conducts a substantial amount of research and analytical evaluations.

“It’s crucial that we always listen to our consumers on every platform because they are our No. 1 priority and they offer a lot of great insights,” Chia continued. “We also conduct both primary and secondary research and have found that our target consumer is busier than ever and always on-the-go. We also learned that two-thirds of our consumers enjoy some sort of physical activity such as lifting weights, running or hiking. One way that we catered to their needs is by launching our new slim and sleek 700mL bottle size.”FIJI Water designs loyalty program around healthy lifestyles

FIJI understands that its customers are very energetic, engaged in eventful daily routines, and commute often. Therefore, the new bottle redesign naturally fits into gym bags, in car cup holders, on backpacks, and seamlessly into the lives of health conscious customers everywhere.

“Through listening and observation, we were able to deliver a product that fits our consumers’ busy and active lifestyles,” Chia said.

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