Latin America’s Farmatodo Taps Kony to Drive Its Cloud-based Customer Experience Platform

Farmatodo customer experienceKony Inc, a leading enterprise mobility company, has announced an extensive partnership with Farmatodo, a major self-service pharmacy and retail chain that has operated in Latin America for more than 95 years. Through Kony’s cloud based mobile platform, Farmatodo plans to develop an enterprise mobile strategy that improves its customers experience, increase customer loyalty and drive business.

“With over a billion annual user sessions in 45 countries that generate billions in revenue, we have a proven track record with some of the most demanding and fast-moving customers in the world,” Sam Lakkundi, chief customer officer for Kony, Inc.  told Loyalty360. “Farmatodo is no exception to this.”

Lakkundi said that, with 200 pharmacies in Venezuela and Columbia and the majority of them open 24 hours, 365 days a year, Farmatodo requires customer loyalty and engagement initiatives that are fast, flexible and efficient. “Kony’s platform gives Farmatodo the broadest possible device and OS compatibility for its customer base. The pharmacy will be able to rapidly build and deploy stunning app user experiences that are required for successful customer engagement programs.”

The partnership has already has helped Farmatodo strengthen its relationship with existing customers, gain new customers and increase membership for their customer loyalty program.

According to Kony, the initial results have been profound. In the first three months using the platform, Farmatodo’s mobile apps have been downloaded more than  100,000 times, and more than 18,000 customers have signed up for the Farmatodo loyalty program.

“Farmatodo ultimately decided to work with us because our mobile solutions simplified the process of rapidly developing apps and then customizing the experience to the diverse mobile devices used by Farmatodo’s broad customer base,” said Lakkundi.

“Kony empowers its customers to create experiences that matter, from delighting consumers to supporting employees,” he explained. “Farmatodo’s goal of increasing customer loyalty through a mobility program aligned well with our expertise and proven track record helping organizations around the globe better leverage the power and impact of mobile applications to transform their businesses and strengthen customer relationships and engagement.”

Farmatodo also chose to work with Kony because it has strong expertise in both the global retail and healthcare verticals, giving them inside knowledge of the key business drivers in Farmatodo’s market.

Manuel Pereira, chief information and digital officer of Farmatodo said that his company strives to constantly improve its relationship with its customers. “Mobile has been critical in meeting this goal. Through our mobile app, we have opened new communication channels that focus on customer preference to better serve our customers’ needs. With Kony, we believe we will be able to better connect with our customers, better empower our employees, and reach more people across South America.”

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