FanHero Revolutionizes Customer Engagement

Touted as a global mobile platform that is set to eradicate social media limitations, FanHero has set lofty goals to aspire to and achieve in the world of customer engagement, customer experience, and brand loyalty.

Recently, FanHero announced the launch of FanHero 2.0, which is a U.S.-based mobile monetization and media platform, which is taking a different approach to how celebrities engage their followers.

By providing a white label app that is fully supported with a personalized growth team, FanHero gives celebrities full control of their content and allows them to directly reach 100% of their audience. To further ensure the monetization success, FanHero provides unprecedented one-on-one full support and management in PR, content strategy and actionable business intelligence. FanHero has currently signed 100+ celebrities within various verticals, with a combined social reach of over 100 million users globally. They are expected to reach a total of 370 million social followers by 2017. 

Created to reinvent the relationship between a “Fan” and their “Hero”, this platform empowers both parties to have an authentic, interactive and controlled relationship. It gives the celebrity ownership over all the data and allows them to tap into a wide variety of additional revenue and sponsorship opportunities.

Loyalty360 caught up with Chris Cooper, one of the founders of FanHero.

Can you talk about the genesis of FanHero and what its goals are from a customer engagement/customer experience perspective?

Cooper: Created in 2015, U.S. based FanHero is a joint venture by long-term partners, Christopher Cooper, Humberto Farias, Peer Snoep, and Leo Farias, who previously ran tech companies focusing on mobile applications. Collectively, they have over 30 years of experience in the mobile solutions space and created FanHero to help businesses, non-profits and individuals communicate better with their audiences through bespoke and innovative apps. Recently, Al West, who was the first person to successfully implement a platform solution for the banking industry, also joined the FanHero team.

Today. FanHero has five offices across the U.S., Brazil, and South Africa and has successfully created and launched hundreds of apps for individuals, medium-sized companies, and Fortune 100 companies including Warner Music, Disney, Vasco Da Gama, Hunter Hayes, and the Academy of Country Music. With clients from various verticals, FanHero is expected to reach a total of 270 million social followers by the end of 2017.

FanHero’s goal is to empower its customers (individuals or organizations) to gain full control of their brand, their data and to reach untapped revenue streams that other platforms, especially social media, will never unlock.

FanHero is revolutionizing the way its customers communicate with their audiences, by putting the power entirely in their hands. Parameters put in place by third-parties, YouTube or Facebook, for example, are no longer present, as FanHero lets you create a completely bespoke app allowing the customer to share content when and however they wish. This results in a more authentic dialogue with fans.

By cutting out a myriad of other third-party vendors such as reselling agents, e-commerce portals, etc. the customer also increases its net revenue. They are also no longer competing for the attention of fans in the crowded social space, with FanHero the customer consistently reaches 100 percent of its audience (compared to just 1 percent of their followers being reached on Facebook, for example).

To make sure that the monetization process is as successful as possible, FanHero features a unique service package and offers unparalleled 1-on-1 full support and management in PR, content strategy, and actionable business intelligence. FanHero also puts a personalized growth team at the disposal of the client to ensure that each app is fully maximized for monetization opportunities.

How innovative is this platform in this day and age?

Cooper: The FanHero model is innovative for both the customers who create the apps and the fans who use these apps. First, for the customer, there has never before been a white label app that offers such strong monetization opportunities and puts the power in the hand of the app owner.

Second, FanHero offers innovative app functionalities making the experience more impressive for the fans. Features include live streaming, real-time-reactions, fan-created collections that can be shared with its owner and an easy-to-use purchasing mechanic for tickets and other merchandise. 

What makes this unique?

Cooper: Key functions unique to FanHero include:

Celebrities can use the app to post what they want, when they want – whether it’s a live video, a photo, or a written message, FanHero apps provide fans with the most up-to-the-minute and exclusive content.

To ensure monetization success, FanHero provides a personalized growth team to support celebs in PR, marketing, content advice, business intel and user engagement strategy.

Not only can fans connect with their hero, but also with each other.

FanHero gives the celebrity a mobile dashboard, which allows 24/7 access for uploading content and viewing usage behavior in real time.

With FanHero, celebs can monetize their fans like never before in a fully controlled environment.

A dedicated BI team will provide actionable data analysis to help improve the celebs’ growth opportunities.

How can it elevate the relationship between “Fan” and “Hero”?

Cooper: The FanHero platform empowers both the ‘Fan’ and the ‘Hero’ to enjoy a more authentic and interactive relationship. The ‘Hero’ can now completely control the content they share and engage with their ‘Fans’ whenever and however they want. Similarly, the ‘Fan’ now has the capabilities of talking directly to their ‘Hero’ in a space designed specifically for them and their needs. 

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