Famous Footwear has launched a loyalty program aimed at creating more personal and relevant experiences for its customers. Famously You Rewards offers free shipping for online orders. It also encourages its 11 million active members of the program to shop across channels by incenting with bonus points when members purchase online or through its app. Additionally, it offers flexible redemption, with the ability to create and redeem points at any time, whether shopping in stores, on the company’s website, or through the program’s app.
“We saw a significant opportunity to improve how we connect with our customers,” says Molly Adams, President of Famous Footwear. “We’re increasing our focus on customer loyalty to ensure members feel valued, are rewarded with our best savings, and receive communications that are more engaging.”
Famously You Rewards is free to join, and members of the company’s previous program have been automatically transitioned into the new program. Famous Footwear noted that members-only promotions and additional benefits will be launched throughout the year.
In addition to free shipping and new bonus point earning opportunities, members also benefit from:

  • The opportunity to earn points for every dollar spent
  • Reward Cash
  • The program’s two-tier structure, now named Star and Superstar, with the latter earning points 50 percent faster
  • $5 Birthday Reward Cash and double points for purchases made during the member’s birthday month
  • Early access and special sales throughout the year
  • Bonus points days throughout the year, giving members more opportunities to build points faster
  • Additional opportunities to be rewarded for specific behaviors, which will increase reward earning potential through points
  • Double points for all purchases that include a donation to long-time charity partner, March of Dimes
Loyalty360 has seen that brands that offer programs with quick redemption options, experiential engagement, and transactional benefits have great success. It appears that Famous Footwear’s new program has a good mix of these features. We will pay attention to the company’s program in 2019 and be on the look out for news of its development.

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