Familiprix Finds Promising Results After Launch of New Loyalty Program

Familiprix, a leading pharmacy chain with more than 350 locations throughout Quebec and New Brunswick, has seen impressive numbers since it launched its new loyalty program, FAMILIPLUS, on the DataCandy platform.

Loyalty360 caught up with Annick Grondin, Marketing Director for Familiprix, to learn more about the new loyalty program, which attracted 210,000 members in the first 90 days.

“We thought about our customers and their needs,” Grondin told Loyalty360. “The program is free, easy to use, and offers generous rewards. A limited amount of information is required from the customer when they sign up for the program at the cash register. In addition, Familiprix implemented a strong training program for front line employees and executed a marketing campaign to debut the program. Keeping the customer in mind, we also developed a mobile application named Mon Familiplus, which provided members with a virtual card option if they didn’t want to carry a plastic card.”

Surpassing 210,000 members in 90 days was a huge start for the program.

As of today, we now have more than 210,000 members, which was achieved in less than 90 days. It is a huge success for us in such a short amount of time. Our previous rewards program did not hit these number in the same timeframe.  We are really proud and satisfied with the in-store execution as well as the efforts put forth by our teams.

Grondin talked about what makes FAMILIPLUS unique.

“Familiprix’s mission is to be an innovative and healthy destination and it was important that our rewards program encompassed those core values,” she explained. “Therefore, members of the FAMILIPLUS  program are rewarded for pursuing a healthy lifestyle. In addition to earning one point for each dollar spent on in-store purchases, Familiprix loyalty members who set, track, and meet weekly fitness goals via the program’s mobile app (Mon Familiplus) are rewarded with bonus points. Members also have the opportunity to donate their earned points to Opération Enfant Soleil. Familiprix not only promotes healthy habits for its members, but also empowers members to contribute to the well-being of the children in our community.”

For 10 years, Familiprix offered the “Beauty Zone” rewards program, which rewarded members for purchasing cosmetics and beauty products.

“The new FAMILIPLUS rewards program is more appealing to all of our customers and encompasses all products, so members can earn rewards on almost every product, even discounted items,” Grondin said. “This new loyalty program initiative was announced a year ago during our annual conference. Execution at the store level was key so we hosted multiple webinars to all 4,800 employees throughout Quebec and New Brunswick. Building the buzz and excitement among our more than 350 owner-run pharmacies helped make the official roll out a big success. From a customer perspective, members can collect rewards much faster and can also take advantage of many exclusive benefits and discounts. Rewarding loyalty members who set, track and meet weekly fitness goals via the program’s mobile app has been an attractive feature and we have seen members return to the app weekly to redeem points and set new goals.”

With the FAMILIPLUS program, Familiprix officials will be able to offer its customers more personalized offers and be more responsive to satisfy their evolving needs.

“It is important to know that we launched FAMILIPLUS in four stores in the past 4 years in order to learn and optimize the program before launching across all of our stores in Quebec and New Brunswick,” Grondin added. “We are now collecting data, and in the next few months, we will be delivering highly-personalized offers based on our members’ previous transactions. The DataCandy platform has been great for managing all the program data we’re collecting.” 

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