Facebook Customer EngagementCarolyn Everson, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, believes that marketers need to change entire business models to evolve and capture customer engagement via mobile.

“So if we think about mobile as, in my opinion, the most important transformation we have had in marketing in over 100 years,” Everson said during Tuesday’s UBS 43rd Annual Global Media and Communications Broker Conference, according to Seeking Alpha. “Radio took 38 years to get to 50 million people, TV took 13 years, mobile has taken 10 years to get to 2 billion people. We have never seen such a transformation and it’s not just that marketing needs to evolve because consumer behavior has shifted dramatically, actually entire business models have to evolve.”

Companies are trying to understand, Everson said, how they have to evolve their corporate cultures to move more quickly, to be more collaborative, to innovate at a more rapid pace, and to think about talent and retention in very new ways.

“A lot of my conversations today with marketers are to help them understand the Facebook culture and how that could adapt to companies that have been around for 100-plus years,” she explained. “That’s the first thing that’s on every company−every big company’s mind. If you were a company today starting a retail business or a financial services business, in all likelihood you would be starting as a mobile-first company. And so mobile as a topic is at the CEO and Board level conversation that we are having with all of our companies. So that’s the second thing that they are thinking about.”

Facebook Customer Engagement

Consumer autonomy via mobile is absolutely huge today at a global level.

“Now that consumers have the most personal device they have ever had in the history of devices, their expectation around marketing has changed dramatically,” Everson said. “The expectation is if you are going to show up on my phone, which is very personal, it’s my contacts, it’s my app, you need to show up in a relevant, useful, delightful manner. And so really rethinking how data becomes a new currency for really strong creative is an area that we are advising clients quite a lot in.”

Everson said Facebook tells marketers and agencies that they should not spend a single dollar “with us unless they believe we are driving their business outcome. And that’s a very, I think it’s a very normal statement, but apparently it’s a very unusual statement out there. And the reason we believe that so strongly is that at the end of the day our job at Facebook is to grow our client’s business, be it a small business or it’s the world’s largest companies and we think we have very effective ways to measure the effectiveness of it and everything marketer should do should have a business outcome.”

As opposed to social metrics which is where the industry was several years ago when companies were measuring things like likes, shares, comments, or followers, “we want to be held accountable for are we driving online conversations, offline sales, rend awareness, lift, so on and so forth. So that’s how we think about it from a principle standpoint,” Everson added.

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