Express Loyalty Program Passes 14 Million

Express Next Loyalty ProgramFor Express CEO David Kornberg, customer experience and customer loyalty are two huge strategic priorities for 2015.

The Express Next loyalty program just surpassed 14 million members, according to the company’s May 28 first-quarter earnings conference call.

“Enhancing the Express brand is our next priority, and we saw some important data points this quarter that substantiate that we’re making progress,” Kornberg said during the call, according to Seeking Alpha. “The number of EXPRESS NEXT members continues to increase. We have now passed the 14 million mark. Our social media engagement is increasing as well, and we've made significant gains across a variety of media, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.”

Ecommerce rose 12% during the quarter for Express.Express Next Loyalty Program on the rise

“This reflects the important work done over the past year to elevate many facets of our website and mobile functionality, and to enhance the user experience,” Kornberg explained. “It also reflects the behind-the-scenes work being done to drive more traffic to the site and boost conversions. Beyond that, the overall improvements of our product created an uptick in demand, which also drove stronger results.”

Kornberg focused on what he called his strategic priorities for 2015: Profitability, customer experience, brand, systems, and people.

“Delivering a great customer experience is another priority,” Kornberg stressed. “We have begun rolling out new training programs for our sales associates, and are seeing early signs of success in the form of increased sales and conversions, along with higher scores on our customer experience surveys. We’re delighted to have partnered with (reigning NBA MVP) Stephen Curry, and our collaboration with him has been great. As someone who wore Express long before our collaboration began and who loves the brand, he embodies the type of personality we want to associate with. This speaks to the way in which people, including very famous ones, connect with our brand.”

What’s more, Kornberg said that the company’s next campaign, which will run from July through September, will feature supermodel Karlie Kloss.

“You will see her first in an integrated campaign featuring Express One Eleven, in July,” he explained. “This will be followed in succeeding months with Karlie modeling our denim, along with our wear-to-work collections.”

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