Yesterday, Expedia announced the addition of their newest platform, the Add-On Advantage. The platform is the latest in ways that Expedia helps to save travelers time and money.
With the Expedia Add-On Advantage, travelers can now qualify for hotel discounts up to 43 percent off at any point before their trip by booking either a flight, car or package on the website.
Aaron Price, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Expedia, discussed the new deal.
"Packages are still a great way to save, but we recognize it isn't always the easiest or most convenient way for travelers to book. A recent study shows more than 40 percent of people prefer to book their flight first. The launch of the Add-On Advantage is yet another example of how we are listening to our travelers and helping to bring their next trip within reach."
The Add-On Advantage is a straightforward process in terms of how consumers can save money. Travelers book a flight, car, or package to any destination on Expedia’s website. Hotel savings on select properties are instantly unlocked up until the start of their trip. The hotel stay needs to occur within the travel dates of the flight, car or package purchase.
The move is about more convenience and less pressure for consumers, according to Price.
"People make an average of 43 searches before booking anything and getting the best price remains the top concern for people booking travel. No longer will they need to visit multiple sites to know they're getting an unbeatable deal on accommodations simply because they booked a flight, car or package. Better yet, it takes away the pressure of planning and paying for everything up front."
The move comes at a great time for Expedia. According to CMO, this year, digital travel sales are expected to reach $198 billion. More than 140 million U.S. adults will research a trip online.
Also, when figuring out their travel plans, “more than 60% of travelers said their budgets were a key factor, and they look for deals before making a decision. More than half the travelers from the U.S., Australia, the U.K., and Canada said social content featuring deals and promotions influenced their decisions.”
The economy is booming, and along with that, is the travel industry. Promotions like this are extremely effective in getting more people to travel. In a recent Google research column, the findings supported this idea.
“When presented with a promotion offer, 30 percent would take a trip when they weren't planning to. 25 percent would consider going to a destination they weren't familiar with.”

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