Epsilon Launches New Solution That Helps Clients Inspire Customer Loyalty

The Epsilon OTT Audience solution is unique. Company officials tout its ability to help brands inspire customer loyalty.

Epsilon, a global leader in creating connections between people and brands, recently launched its over-the-top (OTT) audience solution (Epsilon OTT Audience), which is offered in conjunction with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Primetime.

Epsilon OTT Audience identifies and builds audiences using proprietary transactional data sources while also providing the marketing framework and services to effectively target communications across devices. The solution makes it possible for media and entertainment companies and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to define and reach millions of OTT and TV-Everywhere (TVE) viewers with relevant, personalized content and advertisements, at scale and across devices.

Epsilon’s deep transactional data sets allow for the implementation of personalized audience-centric targeting and ad serving.

Loyalty360 caught up with Jeff Gross, Epsilon’s Vice President of Industry Strategy, Media & Entertainment, to learn more about this exciting new loyalty solution.

What factors prompted the launch of the OTT audience solution and how is this solution unique in the loyalty marketplace? 

Gross: Technology has enabled consumers to watch video when, where, and how they want, which has disrupted the television and movie industries. Epsilon OTT Audience is a unique solution because we have a deep understanding of consumers: We know their profiles, entertainment purchase behaviors, and media interactions. We also have the ability to lead our clients with road maps for the marketing of over-the-top (OTT) services across multiple channels and devices. We are able to inspire consumer loyalty based on our blend of digital and traditional content, audience messages, and executions. 

How will this specifically work for companies that choose to use it?

Gross: To start, Epsilon will identify OTT prospects based on the client’s target audience using our proprietary data assets. Then, we will create a strategic framework and provide the marketing execution to reach and engage prospects and current users. Our No. 1 goal is to help our clients build a successful OTT business.

How can this impact customer engagement/customer loyalty?

Gross: We understand and have identified OTT prospects and consumers using our proprietary data, ID management, and analytics. Based on these insights, we will directly engage consumers with personalized content at every point of interaction. Our ground-breaking technology platforms unlock and then reach the right consumers with the right content and offer at the right time, thus ensuring customer loyalty.

How is it designed to assist marketers with customer acquisition?

Gross: Epsilon will generate a continuous pool of OTT prospects for customer acquisition, customized to our client’s criteria. OTT prospects can be selected on a regular schedule, and onboarded to the client’s designated marketing platforms for campaign deployment.

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