Entertainment Drives Behavioral Changes That Increase Brand Loyalty

Jim Techtmann, vice president of national sales for Entertainment’s Corporate Marketing Solutions group, talked to Loyalty360 about how the venerable company drives customer behavioral change that can lead to increased brand loyalty.
“Our approach is often built around driving a specific behavioral change,” Techtmann explained. “Much of our work is in acquisition and retention programs, and we help brands who want to expand their relationship with their customers. Frequently our rewards aim to surprise and delight customers with unexpected savings they can’t find elsewhere. Many loyalty programs embed our offers as an always-on benefit. When it comes to metrics, we’re tuned into what success looks like for that specific brand and how we can help them reach their targets.”

For example, Techtmann noted, big telecom companies today are most interested in driving more activity through the use of smartphones to redeem digital savings.

“When our discounts are provided to their customers, the brand can send them push messages, geo-notifications, or reminders about merchant benefits in proximity to where they’re located,” he said. “If a member is earning points on a loyalty platform, we provide a way for them to get a quick return. They can cash in those points quickly at low redemption levels.”

Since 1962, Entertainment has been helping businesses grow by providing its consumers with savings programs. A leader in the field, the company boasts the largest and most-trusted merchant savings network in North America. That means Entertainment can provide deeper discounts, greater variety, and better coverage than its competitors in the industry.

Entertainment provides mutually beneficial solutions for consumers, businesses, and other organizations. Consumers get to spend less on things they love to do, businesses get to increase sales, and schools and community groups get effective fundraising solutions. 

“For more than 55 years, we have been known for our money-saving coupons offered through the annual Entertainment Coupon Book,” Techtmann explained. “We’ve moved in a new direction over the past 10 years, and the book has evolved to include a digital membership that people can access online and on their phones. They can search and find offers all over North America. Our discount offers are not readily available to the general public, and they are deeper discounts than you’ll find in your mailbox or the newspaper. Our offers are on everyday savings, dining, events, attractions, shopping, services, and lots of travel discounts.”
What’s more, in the past five years, those brands have ramped up access to relevant offers through their customers’ smartphones, Techtmann noted.
“Now, people can have access to 300,000 mobile discounts at any given time,” he said. “And technology plays an important role in the ability for people to receive proximity offers. Much of our corporate business falls in the categories of telecom, cable, retail, banking, and credit cards. A large part of our growth in the past eight years has been in the healthcare category, especially healthcare insurers. We work in areas with large customer bases and lots of competition. Our clients want to provide something to their customers that add value to the relationship–rewards with low costs per customer, but with high perceived values. They’re also looking to associate themselves with top brands included in our database of offers. We’re helping brands stand out from the competition and helping customers feel that brands value them. There are practically unlimited savings for someone who has access to our discounts, and most are available in a digital format.”  

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