Engaging Customers with New Technologies Will Be Critically Important

Engaging customers globally with new technologies will be critically important, according to new research by Accenture that surveyed B2B companies in 13 countries (1,450 respondents at companies that provide products or services to other businesses) to gain deeper insight into how they prioritize and deliver customer experience across sales and service interactions.

Most (71%) respondents indicated that engaging customers using new technologies will be critically important. About 71% respondents based in India believe that their performance in the area of adopting new technologies has been solid; about 75% of respondents in India believe that recruiting/training the talent to deliver memorable customer experiences is equally important.

Here are the percentages from other countries regarding the importance of engaging customers with new technologies:

·       U.S. (85%)

·       United Kingdom (71%)

·       France (83%)

·       Brazil (83%)

·       China (91% believe that they already perform very well in this area)

Regarding the importance of the customer experience as a strategic priority for companies, here are the survey results:

·      India (84%)

·      U.S.  (89%)

·      United Kingdom (88%)

·      China (100%)

The majority of respondents based in India (70%) believe that customer experience delivery is embedded in their end-to-end business process. Respondents from China (92%) and the U.S. (73%) also shared the same sentiment.

To deal with the sales and customer service experiences in the company, respondents based in India said that they have hired customer experience expert(s) to improve in key areas (80%); linked performance reviews to customer experience outcomes (80%); linked partner incentives to customer experience they deliver (75%); or have conducted change management training (70%).

Most respondents (75%) believe their current methods of measuring customer satisfaction is very effective in providing actionable data that business decisions can be based upon to improve the customer experience, reflected by the following results:

·       India (89%)

·       U.S. (73%)

·       United Kingdom (73%)

·       Brazil (87%)

·       China (99%)

What’s more, the majority of B2B officials (82%) in the countries surveyed indicated that in the next two years, digital will significantly improve their interactions with business customers.

Here are the survey results (percentage-wise) of respondents who believe digital will play a crucial role in improving interactions with business customers:

·      India (90%)

·      U.S. (78%)

·      United Kingdom (86%)

·      China (98%)

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