FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif.—Alacer Corp., makers of Emergen-C, the fizzy vitamin drink mix, is     excited to announce the launch of its “Share the Good” social media     campaign on Facebook and Twitter, creating a fun, new way for fans to     share virtual energy boosts and receive real Emergen-C vitamin drink     mixes for FREE!

The “Share the Good” application on Facebook allows people to call out     their friends’ low energy statuses, such as “Fell asleep at my desk” or     “Dragging through the work day,” and share both virtual and real packets     of Emergen-C vitamin drink mix with as many as 10 friends. When friends     request their free Emergen-C Starter Kit, they’ll also watch a     personalized video, featuring their profile picture and status update.

“People all over Facebook are crying for help, and you can see it in     their statuses,” said Ken Vargha, Vice President of Marketing at Alacer     Corp. “In the real world we see lots of people sharing Emergen-C with     friends and family when they need health and energy support.* As more of     our social interactions are going digital, we want our consumers to be     able to share Emergen-C vitamin drink mix through social media as well.”

As part of its “Share the Good” campaign, the Emergen-C brand is also     dusting off its Twitter account. Poking fun at the fact that it had     previously tweeted only one time in 365 days, the brand will thank its     mere 10 followers for their loyalty with a T-shirt featuring the     Emergen-C brand’s single, year-old tweet:

“checking out Joshua Lynn’s article”

Going forward, Emergen-C Tweet Patrol will not only be combing the     Twitter-sphere for low-energy tweets and revitalizing them with free     Emergen-C packets but will also be sharing energy-boosting tips, health     facts and trivia, upcoming events, and more with its followers.      Additionally, the Emergen-C Tweet Patrol will reward random Twitter     followers who tweet keywords – like “tired” or “Emergen-C” – with a free     Emergen-C Starter Kit!

“Like” the Emergen-C brand on and follow it at

About Alacer Corp.

For more than 35 years, Alacer Corp., based in Foothill Ranch, CA, has     been an industry leader and innovator in developing, manufacturing, and     marketing dietary supplements and nutritionally enhanced products that     support an energetic, healthy lifestyle.* It produces over 400 million     packets of Emergen-C annually, which is sold in health food stores,      supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchandisers, and club stores     nationwide. For more information about Alacer, please visit

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug         Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose,          treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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