EMC Corporation, a global leader in cloud computing and data management solutions, is building upon its own customer experience with the launch of MyService360. A service-centric cloud-based dashboard, the system will give customers a new perspective on the company’s vast amount of data.
The new offering replaces the “My Support” tab of EMC online support, and represents a more advanced approach to customer service in the big data arena. Among the pieces of information now available to EMC customers are health & risk scoring, code levels, actionable service insights, connectivity status, and incident management.
This kind of information is invaluable to enterprises across all verticals, and analysts see MyService 360 as a step forward in the newfound availability of these metrics. The new interface is designed as a two-way street; customers are able to stay up to date with EMC data center status, while the company is able to recognize which data sources are in need of servicing and upgrades.
“The complexity of today’s data center requires careful attention and consideration to manage the pressure businesses are placing on IT organizations,” said Rob Brothers, Program VP of Software & Hardware Support and Deploy Services at IDC.  “Visibility into the data center and the ability to analyze what’s going on through more preventative and prescriptive tools allows for better informed decisions which is incredibly valuable to IT managers.”
Brothers added: “According to IDC, research enterprises are utilizing proactive services more often than on-site support which leads to issues getting resolved faster or preventing them all together. MyService360 simplifies service and support, which is proof that EMC is committed to providing its customers with an enhanced customer experience."
The level of data analysis provided by MyService360 will significantly alter the interaction customers have with the EMC brand, allowing them a quick glance at pertinent information regarding the health and status of EMC’s data center.
The addition of MyService360 speaks to EMC’s commitment to customer experience, a crucial trait in a data management vertical that often lacks clarity.
“MyService360 is just one example of EMC's commitment to delivering the best possible experience to our customers,” Brothers said. “Utilizing big data analytics we are able to offer this new service-centric online dashboard providing visibility into the health and wellness of our customer's EMC environment, vastly simplifying their operations through personalized, proactive and predictive information.”

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