Dyson set to enhance customer experience with SAP

Dyson's continual ability to think differently and to innovate has resulted in an ever increasing range of products with high levels of demand from customers across the globe. At the heart of Dyson's business growth is its customers; they have always been a priority and Dyson has ensured that excellent customer service and engagement is a priority. 

Dyson has set out a clear vision that will continue to support business growth and further improve customer satisfaction.  To help deliver upon its high expectations for the customer experience and following an extensive evaluation of the CRM solutions available in the marketplace, Dyson has decided to implement the SAP CRM application across its operations globally.

"Having taken a long hard look at the market place we felt that SAP is best placed to help us deliver on our vision", said David Hollander, Managing Director GB & Ireland and One View Executive Sponsor, Dyson. "We are an ambitious business and have set ourselves the vision to drive demand for Dyson products through better customer service and proactive relationship management. With the SAP CRM solution, we will be able to interact with our individual customers in a way that suits them and at a time that suits them."


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