Dunkin’ Donuts has announced it has become an early adopter of the P&G Professional CleanPLUS Experience Program. This comes after a P&G Professional survey in May reported that about 70 percent of diners expect thorough and frequent cleaning, as well as 63 percent, want cleaning and safety measures posted in restaurants. Dunkin’ Donuts has also said that its sister brand Baskin-Robbins will also participate in the program, and customers can expect to see signs in those restaurants in August.
Through the P&G Professional CleanPLUS Experience Program, Dunkin’ Donuts, which is 100 percent franchised, has said that its franchisees will give customers additional assurances that the entire Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant, even bathrooms, counters, and tables, will be cleaned with P&G Professional products like Dawn Professional, Spic & Span, Comet, and Safeguard.
New this month, Dunkin’ Donuts will place new co-branded stickers on the front door, drive-thru window, as well as the bathroom of every Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant to show that each restaurant will be deep cleaned and disinfected frequently.
“Our franchisees are committed to providing a restaurant experience that meets the health and safety expectations of both their customers and their crew, every day,” said Everett Gasbarro, Dunkin’ Brands Senior Director of Operating Systems, in a Dunkin’ Donuts press release. “We are proud to be one of the first QSR brands to join the P&G Professional CleanPLUS Experience Program, as yet another demonstration of our unwavering commitment to standards which help our franchisees provide additional safety measures for the benefit of guests, restaurant employees, and the communities they serve.”
According to the news release, Dunkin’ Donuts was one of the first restaurants to close in-restaurant dining as well as other measures including:

  • Requiring hygiene training
  • Requiring social distancing
  • Requiring the use of face masks and single-use gloves by all restaurant employees
  • Installing plexiglass guards at the front counter
  • Franchisees have been given infrared thermometers to allow them to perform pre-shift employee health checks
“During our long-standing relationship with Dunkin’, we’ve seen that their commitment to cleanliness and guest safety is paramount,” said Paul Edmondson, Vice President, P&G Professional North America, in the same Dunkin’ Donuts news release. “We’re honored to support Dunkin’ franchisees and their restaurants with our top P&G Professional brands at a time when the spotlight has never been brighter on how restaurants clean, disinfect, and protect their spaces for both employees and guests.”

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