Dunkin’ and Grubhub Partner to Bring Customers a Seamless Experience

Dunkin’ has announced that it is partnering with Grubhub, the mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace, to begin the rollout of its new Dunkin’ Delivers service. As the first step in this launch, more than 400 Dunkin’ restaurants throughout New York City’s five boroughs will offer delivery through Seamless, Grubhub’s New York brand. Following the initial launch, Dunkin’ and Grubhub will look to expand the Dunkin’ Delivers service to restaurants throughout other markets in the coming months, including in Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
Using Seamless or Grubhub, people who live and work in New York City can have their favorite Dunkin’ menu items delivered directly to them. New Yorkers looking for a convenient Dunkin’ delivery experience can open the Seamless or Grubhub mobile app or website, choose their favorites, and place their Dunkin’ orders to be delivered wherever they choose. To ensure an operationally tight experience, Grubhub has integrated into Dunkin’s POS systems to ensure speedy, accurate deliveries.
To celebrate the start of Seamless’ Dunkin’ delivery service, the two brands are serving up some big offers in June:

  • Score a sweet ride: Anyone in metro New York who orders Dunkin’ through Seamless or Grubhub through Sunday, June 23 and uses promo code DUNKINBIKE will be entered for a chance to win an exclusive, tricked out Dunkin’ bicycle. Designed with Dunkin’s iconic pink and orange colors, the brand’s first-ever bike was created in honor of the Seamless delivery partners now delivering Dunkin’ coffee, donuts, and more throughout the city. Second prizes include $20 promo codes that can be used toward Dunkin’ purchases through Seamless.
  • Free delivery: Beginning Monday, June 24 and running through Sunday, June 30, Seamless and Grubhub will offer New Yorkers the opportunity to discover Dunkin’ delivery with free delivery on their orders.
“Keeping Americans energized with the coffee and food they crave, wherever and whenever they want, is what our guests expect from Dunkin’,” says Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, Vice President of Digital and Loyalty Marketing for Dunkin’ US. “By partnering with Grubhub, Dunkin’ will be there for more people even when they’re staying at home or are busy at work. We’ve collaborated closely with Grubhub to optimize the service in our initial testing, and we’ve been encouraged by the strong customer response. We are thrilled to launch Dunkin’ Delivers in New York City today and look forward to working with Grubhub to expand the service in additional cities in the months ahead.”
Seth Priebatsch, Head of Enterprise at Grubhub, adds, “Dunkin’ is an iconic, beloved brand that has long been a daily ritual for millions of people. The chance to help Dunkin’ extend their reach by bringing their signature coffees, donuts, and more to Grubhub and Seamless customers marks an exciting moment for both of our companies. By deepening our relationship through our direct POS integration, we’re able to create the most efficient process, ensuring that both in-store operations run smoothly and that customers get their favorites delivered in the fastest way possible.”

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