The casino industry, in many ways, represents the epitome of customer experience and loyalty. At its core, the market built upon the style, glamor, and (literal) bright lights needed to hook customers, as well as the gameplay loop that is satisfying enough to keep them coming back again and again. For this reason, casinos need to constantly be on the cutting edge of the technology necessary to engage, delight, and retain as many customers as possible.
This is where Revenue Strategy solutions provider Duetto comes in, and where its new GameChanger technology seeks to shine. The platform is already live in 1,000 hotels, and is laser-focused on allowing hotels and casinos to tailor experiences and provide unique discounts to their most valuable guests. With GameChanger, hotels will have the ability to recognize loyalty program members according to their on-property spending, providing a boost to revenue without a need for additional customer acquisition spending.
“Ever since I led revenue management for some major integrated resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, I knew a better way to create a loyalty strategy with customer data and predictive analytics was possible for the hotel industry,” said Marco Benvenuti, co-founder and chief product & analytics officer for Duetto. “Now within our Revenue Strategy solution, which integrates with your hotel’s booking engine and CRM system, hotels can use the data available to value their loyalty members holistically, based on how much they contribute to the bottom line. The highest-value guests, those who tend to spend more with your property, get the instant gratification of the best room rates every time they book directly with your hotel.”
In addition to increasing loyalty for the hotel’s top tier of guests, the GameChanger application encourages direct booking, helping to combat the loss in revenue caused by online travel agency bookings.
“Direct bookings are more important than ever, because OTAs and other distribution channels keep putting pressure on acquisition costs,” Benvenuti said. “Personalized Loyalty Pricing helps hotels keep more control of how they fill their rooms with their highest-value guests. A tailored pricing strategy ensures both your customers’ loyalty and your profitability.”

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