DoorDash Launches Main Street Strong Program

Delivery giant DoorDash has announced the new program Main Street Strong, which will work to help restaurants get back on their feet. With this program, the brand is looking to move forward with the launch of a cavalcade of programs, products, and policies to help out businesses with their unique needs.
The first of these programs is DoorDash Storefront, which allows restaurants to create an online store quickly and easily. Customers can order takeout or deliveries directly from the restaurant, which will be fulfilled by DoorDash. The brand will also not pay commission to DoorDash on orders they receive through the storefront. The brand can also have their digital ordering experience redirect the customer to DoorDash, which would have an expanded Weblinks program and 0 percent commission on all Weblink orders. To find out more about this program as well as sign up, go here.
Doordash also said on their website, “Through conversations with our partners over the past two months, we’ve learned that restaurants are looking to develop multiple ways to engage with customers: to continue offering the dine-in experience we all love, building their own digital ordering solutions to meet consumers’ needs as they move online, and reaching new customers and receiving additional orders through marketplaces like ours. In this new environment, restaurants will need to be best-in-class digital businesses, and we believe we can help.”
DoorDash is also working to help small businesses become more easily discoverable. The brand launched “Local Restaurant Saturdays” in April, which offers $0 delivery fees on all orders to local restaurants. DoorDash is now bringing that program back for every Saturday in June.
“I think often about growing up, washing dishes alongside my mother in the restaurant where she worked,” DoorDash said on its website. “Succeeding in the restaurant industry requires an unmatched level of grit, ingenuity, and determination, as well as an unwavering dedication to serving others. That’s never been truer than it is now. It’s why I started DoorDash: to help restaurants come online to reach customers who may not be walking through their doors, to better serve those customers online and offline, and to keep Main Streets strong in the new online world.”
Lastly, DoorDash is also offering all DashPass subscribers 10 percent off their pickup orders during June.
The brand also said on their website, “As we turn towards the future, the most important thing is to come together to help the restaurants that mean so much to our communities. Main Street Strong is our contribution, and this is just the beginning.”

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