LONDON—The airline industry still suffers from poor customer service, but     a few airlines are improving passenger satisfaction in the UK, according     to CFI Group, the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI-UK) and the     American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

In 2011, UK airlines improved to an industry average of 68, while     the US score fell to 65. British Airways (BA) rose from 67 to 70, and     Flybe gained four points to 69. Smaller airlines also improved on     average, rising from 67 to 69.

 “The challenge airlines face is how to balance good customer     service with profitability,” said James Rudd, Managing Director of CFI     Group UK. “Major airlines have been so weakened by high fuel prices and     slow economic growth that they have become extremely vulnerable to     competition from low-fare airlines. Most have also been forced to cut     costs. It is not easy to improve customer service under these     conditions, especially when cost-cutting is directed at labour.”

“With the right measurement tools in place, airlines can pinpoint the     service improvements that will have the most impact on customer     behaviours like loyalty, purchase decisions, and recommendations. If you     can predict the outcomes of improvement alternatives, you can invest     resources where they matter most, without over-investing in areas that     will have no real financial benefit.”

Rising fuel costs and the influx of low-cost airlines have made it     difficult for major airlines to compete on ticket price, but a better     understanding of customers is creating a new strategic approach     for airline management. For these companies, improving the total     passenger experience provides a new differentiation when competing on     price alone becomes unsustainable.

About CFI Group (

CFI Group is a global leader in customer satisfaction measurement     and management. Founded in 1988 at the University of Michigan, CFI Group     brings the precision and predictive power of the American     Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and the National     Customer Satisfaction Index UK (NCSI-UK) to help     clients capture and analyse the voice of the customer, benchmark     performance, and identify improvements that will drive customer     satisfaction, loyalty, recommendations, revenue, and shareholder value.

About NCSI-UK (

NCSI-UK applies the technology and methodology of CFI Group and     the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Indexes are reported on     a 0 to 100 scale. The causal model determines which drivers of     satisfaction, if improved, would have the most effect on customer     loyalty and profitability. This methodology was developed at the     University of Michigan and has been adopted worldwide as a leading     macro- and micro-level indicator by universities, governments, and     countries including the United States (,      the United Kingdom (,      Sweden, Singapore, Korea, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia,      Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Barbados. As a financial indicator,      ACSI data have proven to predict corporate revenue and earnings growth,      stock market performance, consumer spending and GDP.

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