Effectively raising the bar on customer experience is an estimable pursuit for any loyalty marketer.

At Diamond Resorts International, a global leader in the hospitality and vacation ownership industries, officials recently launched Diamond Clarity, a new national program designed to transform the customer experience for current and prospective Diamond Resorts members.

Diamond Clarity consists of a series of operational procedures and enhancements, new training, and compliance procedures and protocols, along with other customer-friendly changes to the sales process.
Diamond Resorts International spokesperson Maya Pogoda talked to Loyalty360 about the factors behind the launch of Diamond Clarity.

“We have been piloting the various elements of the Diamond Clarity program for some time,” Pogoda explained. “Now that we gained the confidence that each of these pieces were effective, we were able to roll out this cohesive, national program that seeks to enhance the overall customer experience when purchasing and holding a vacation membership. Diamond Clarity will re-write industry best practices by increasing transparency for the consumer and accountability for our team members.”

Customer feedback played an important role in the creation of Diamond Clarity.

“We are always seeking ways to improve customer satisfaction,” Pogoda said. “We set about refining our sales and marketing programs with a single, defining principle in mind: Respect. Respect for the consumer’s time, respect for their preferences and opinions, and respect for what matters most to them. We believe this is an integral part of building customer loyalty and we believe it was this exercise that led us to create the Diamond Clarity program.”

Pogoda noted that 70% of its sales are to existing members, however, Diamond Clarity “will improve the overall customer experience by increasing transparency for the consumer and accountability for our team members. At Diamond Resorts, we are always working to provide our members with the best possible vacation experiences. This focus on hospitality and creating lasting experiences has made Diamond Resorts an industry leader. We have always believed that customer satisfaction creates loyalty. So while the definition of customer loyalty has not changed, our commitment to finding new ways to drive customer satisfaction to create loyalty evolves constantly. Diamond Clarity is evidence of that.”

Diamond Clarity formalizes a series of new and existing consumer protocols that define how the company engages with current and future members during the sales and documentation process. It is built on two core principles: Transparency and accountability, and it begins with a simple PROMISE.

Diamond PROMISE memorializes a series of operational procedures and enhancements in a single document that will be provided to all customers at the beginning of every sales presentation. Knowing their rights, and knowing what Diamond Resorts representatives will and will not do throughout the sales process gives existing and potential members better control of the decision-making process. With this clear, concise and consistent information, consumers can easily determine whether the Diamond Resorts hospitality experience is the right decision for them and their families.

In addition to Diamond PROMISE, the company plans to roll out four key operational changes across its entire national platform in the near future:

Recording Quality Assurance sessions, subject to consent from purchasers, to review compliance with all policies and procedures, and to augment and enhance the company’s sales and quality assurance training.
Creating a Consumer Advocacy Channel within the company’s corporate headquarters, to quickly address any issues or concerns members may have. This new platform will allow Diamond Resorts to maintain the highest standards of service in the industry.

Increased training of frontline personnel. All sales and marketing personnel will take part in quarterly training exercises to reinforce their awareness, understanding, and compliance with all sales and marketing rules, principles, and practices.

Regularly placing “Consumer Engagement Observers” at sales presentations to continuously provide the sales organization with feedback necessary to achieve constant improvement.

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