Delta Customer ExperienceThe customer experience that Delta Air Lines provides is indomitable, and it has remained so for years. In fact, 2015 saw Delta named as the leading airline among regular business travelers for the fifth straight year. In addition to demonstrating the brand’s tremendous commitment to customer engagement, this extraordinary feat of customer experience excellence has, up until now, been unprecedented in the airline industry.

According to Business Travel News’ Annual Airline Survey, Delta was not only the first airline ever to receive the top ranking for five consecutive years, it is also the second straight year that saw the airline sweep all 10 survey categories. Furthermore, 2015 also marked the widest margin ever scored between the top airline and its nearest competitor.

The enthusiasm displayed by Business Travel News (BTN) voters was based on Delta’s ability to offer and maintain a wide range of popular programs, continuously deliver an outstanding customer experience and provide a superior value proposition.

"We set winning BTN as our corporate goal every year, and we are proud that it reflects how corporate travel managers and travel agency partners value the service and support we provide," said Steve Sear, Delta Senior VP of Sales. "Delta people work tirelessly every day to create the global footprint and meet the travel demands of our customers, and we want them to see us as the company who is easiest to do business with on a worldwide basis."

Because of its insistence on continuing to grow, evolve and improve, Delta has continued to excel in numerous BTN categories and maintain a high degree of brand loyalty. Throughout its years as BTN’s top airline, Delta has expanded both its domestic and international offerings by adding over 300 daily flights from New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Seattle.Delta Customer Experience

It has also added several new partnerships with Virgin Atlantic, GOL, Aeromexico, China Eastern and Virgin Australia to further bolster its international travel options.

To enhance its customer experience, Delta recently launched its Operational Performance Commitment (OPC), which guarantees the airline will either outclass its competition or reimburse its customers accordingly if it does not.

In addition to BTN’s ranking, Delta also continues to top the U.S. Department of Transportation's categories for being on time, and for receiving the lowest number of complaints for both baggage handling and overall service issues.

"The award recognizes the efforts of 80,000 Delta employees, who are driven every day to serve customers better," said Delta President Ed Bastian. "We continue to partner with superior brands and add routes to carry customers to where they need to go, all while providing guarantees of when their bags will arrive on the carousel. We also run, by far, the best operation in the industry. Corporate travel buyers know that we have their backs, and they appreciate the effort we make to provide customers with the very best travel experience."

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