Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Offers Personalized Subscriptions with Ordergroove

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, the top provider of all-natural raw pet food, has implemented Ordergroove’s platform to advance the company’s subscription program. Through a high-quality, personalized subscriber experience, Darwin’s furthers its mission to deliver nutritious and raw pet food meals directly to consumers’ homes.

Launched in Sept. 2020, the Ordergroove implementation involved the migration of all active subscriptions from Darwin’s homegrown subscription platform to Ordergroove, in conjunction with shifting its site onto Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The extensive internal resources required to maintain its native subscription platform motivated Darwin’s to seek a new solution. Ordergroove’s seamless integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, along with its easy-to-implement promotions and order management, enabled Darwin’s to shift its internal resources to building a personalized front-end experience for subscribers. The implementation also allowed Darwin’s to devote additional resources to other mission critical projects.

With Ordergroove, Darwin’s has access to a range of capabilities that help to serve the brand’s loyal customers, including:

  • Subscribe More, Save More Tiers – Darwin’s is able to provide a graduated discount to its shoppers as they grow their subscription orders.

  • Instant Upsell – This feature encourages subscribers to quickly and easily add relevant, non-subscription items to their orders.

  • Guided Selling – Ordergroove’s developer-friendly framework and APIs enable Darwin’s to customize subscription program features, building a solution that fits its needs. With Ordergroove, Darwin’s developed “Fluffy Flow,” a set of questions about an owner’s pet that helps Darwin’s recommend the ideal raw meat meal.

“We are proud to partner with Ordergroove to provide an even better customer experience,” said Gary Tashjian, CEO and founder, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products. “Not only does the Ordergroove technology improve the effectiveness of our ordering system, it frees up our team to spend more time working directly with customers to help their pets live happier, healthier lives through a diet of raw, natural food.”

“The pet food landscape has changed dramatically, and consumers want a personalized, seamless online experience,” said Dwight McCabe, director of business planning & analysis, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products. “To account for this shift, we decided to revamp our eCommerce strategy and turn to a subscription provider that can work with any eCommerce platform. Ordergroove has enabled us to enhance our subscription program and enact new, innovative strategies to make it easier for our customers to get the products they love. We’ve been able to successfully reduce customer friction, deliver convenience and ultimately improve conversion rates.”

Within weeks of launching, Darwin’s saw a significant increase in gross merchandise value, and its use of Ordergroove’s Instant Upsell feature has helped drive higher average order value. What’s more, the monthly subscriber retention rate has increased steadily since launch.

“The number of shoppers who purchased pet-related subscriptions grew by 777% during 2020’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales weekend compared to 2019, signaling the industry’s growth potential for recurring revenue opportunities,” said Greg Alvo, CEO, Ordergroove. “Darwin's is a pioneer in the natural pet products space and has seen significant growth since launching with Ordergroove. Like many brands, Darwin’s recognized the limitations and pain points associated with maintaining a homegrown subscription solution. We’ve enjoyed helping Darwin’s offer more personalized relationship commerce experiences and build long-lasting relationships with its customers. As our partnership continues, we’re excited to help Darwin’s sustain its innovative approach to eCommerce and stay on top of the evolving market.”

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