The Dallas Cowboys’ VP of Marketing, Matthew O’Neil, is slated to deliver the keynote address at the 5th annual Engagement & Experience Expo, which is set for November 9 – 11 in Dallas, Texas.

The keynote session, titled “Dallas Cowboys Content Combine,” will drill into how the team has navigated recent changes in consumer expectations and behaviors, driven by the adoption of digital and mobile technologies. O’Neil will discuss how the franchise has delivered on fans’ expectations for an “always on” experience.

“Gone are the days when the customer experience is limited to ‘in venue’ or ‘in store.’ Customers expect their engagement with a brand to continue outside of the store or venue environment, and into their homes and work,” commented Mark Johnson, CEO and CMO of Loyalty360. “Matthew is going to tell us how the Cowboys are using content to expand the fan experience and stay top of mind, and how the approach can also be applied outside of the sports and entertainment sector.”

The keynote will also address how the Cowboys have used customer insights to understand the types of content that will engage fans and keep them engaged, as well as opportunities for activating potentially underserved segments. According to O’Neil, the Cowboys have one of the largest female fan bases in the NFL, but data showed that females were underrepresented as a portion of total visitors to the Cowboys’ website. Further analysis revealed opportunities for offering content that would increase engagement among the demographic.

“Even though the NFL is the undisputed most popular professional sport in the U.S., and the Cowboys have been one of the most popular teams, it’s not a certainty that fans will give their undivided attention,” shared Johnson. “We’ll hear how the Cowboys have built a customer engagement strategy that engages fans where they already are online.”

O’Neil oversees all aspects of the Cowboys brand; including all branding, marketing, and advertising; all media and content creation, including TV production, radio, internet, social media, mobile, and print publications; and oversees all Event Presentation/GameDay Entertainment at Cowboys games and 3rd party events at AT&T Stadium. Most recently, Matt was the VP of Marketing at the New York Red Bulls, of Major League Soccer.

Engagement & Experience Expo is a three-day event for marketers and other customer-focused professionals to learn business intelligence, meet new technology providers, network with peers, and understand proven solutions to customer experience challenges. Interactive sessions from other highly regarded brands such as Meineke, AARP, Sonic Drive-in, Thomson Reuters, AT&T, and more, will round out the agenda.

The 2015 Expo will feature the release of white papers and case studies from several event sponsors, as well as expanded media coverage and industry analysis.

Title sponsors of the Engagement & Experience Expo include: Ansira, Brierley+Partners, Clutch, Deluxe, EMC, Gold Group, Inquisium, Kentico, Lenati, and Stellar Loyalty.

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