Dairy Queen Customer LoyaltyDairy Queen has expanded its mobile customer loyalty market test program to Denver and surrounding areas, including some locations in Nebraska. After the test, Dairy Queen plans to roll out the myDQ program to its 4,500 U.S. franchise partners and its customers across the country, seeking enhanced customer engagement and brand loyalty.

The myDQ app features customer loyalty rewards, offers and payments, and will allow Dairy Queen franchisees to build customer profiles for targeted direct marketing, as well as location-enabled functionality for timely and relevant messages.

Barry Westrum, EVP of Marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation, participated in an enlightening Q&A with Loyalty360.

What factors prompted DQ to expand its mobile loyalty market test program, and what are the goals for the program?

The myDQ mobile platform is an extension of our brand insight and current ‘Fan Food not Fast Food’ ad campaign, which is: DQ doesn’t have customers, we have Fans. Additionally, we recognize the opportunity with the Millennial demographic and the important role that technology has in their lives. The goal for the program is to increase sales transactions through frequency, so success will be determined by business results, operator feedback and consumer feedback and use.

What makes this program unique?

The myDQ mobile app creates a unique Fan & cashier interaction experience:  The Cloud-based technology eliminates need for physical interaction between cashier and Fans’ phone.

No bar-code scanners 

No QR code readers 

No alpha-numeric code (that the consumer has to read to cashier)

No NFC reader

Because of these factors, it is an ideal solution for the drive-thru experience.  It is also Point of Sale system agnostic (i.e. myDQ solution is not dependent on the POS system at the store ensuring a consistent experience for our Fans at every store.

Did customer feedback play a role at all and, if so, in what way?

Both our Fan and operator feedback will be a key indicator of the market test success. The benefit of mobile (and digital-based) marketing is the brand’s ability to respond feedback and make program changes while ‘in-market'.

What does customer experience/ customer engagement mean to DQ?

We view customer engagement as an opportunity to convert our customers to Fans, and Fans to Super Fans. We strive to have a relevant brand voice in many social and digital channels to engage with Fans where they spend their time.

How does DQ define customer loyalty and has that definition changed or evolved in recent years?

Customer loyalty is a key marketing objective at DQ. To DQ, loyalty translates to increasing the frequency of visits among our existing Fan base.

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