Cambridge, MA October 8, 2010—DailyFeats,  the online social platform for positive action, announced that Morley Ivers has joined its team as Chief Operations Officer, as of October 11.  Ivers, a recognized expert in rewards and loyalty programs, will be charged with building DailyFeats’ rewards program, which will effectively recognize individuals’ accomplishments and encourage members to perform positive actions. He comes to DailyFeats from venture-backed RecycleBank, a leading green rewards program, where he led and executed the organization’s reward strategy as Chief Rewards Officer.

DailyFeats’ beta is now available at  Members can redeem points earned from checking in positive actions for rewards from partners including American Airlines®, Fandango, Marriott®,  and many more. DailyFeats offers over 150 actions for check-in and dozens of rewards, and is perpetually generating new actions and rewards in collaboration with nonprofits, businesses, and change-makers across the country—a process that Ivers will now lead.

“Morley is an immensely valuable addition to our core team,” said Veer Gidwaney, CEO and Co-Founder of DailyFeats. “He’s a proven leader at creating world-class rewards programs, and he’ll be integral in bringing the DailyFeats platform to its full potential, ensuring that we find every opportunity to help our users live as well as they possibly can. What he’s done at RecycleBank is inspirational to us, and we’re thrilled that he’s bringing that energy to DailyFeats.” At RecycleBank,  Ivers led a team that developed relationships with over 3000 reward partners, while spurring members to take environmentally positive actions—an accomplishment culminating in his accepting Colloquy’s 2010 Loyalty Marketing Innovation Award on behalf of his former team.

At DailyFeats Ivers will broaden that mission, of leveraging loyalty to make the world a better place, by promoting positive consumer actions of every stripe—benefiting people’s health, education, households,  and communities. “The potential of DailyFeats to impact the world is quite literally unlimited,” Ivers said, “I’m excited to have the opportunity to make that happen. By partnering with DailyFeats,  organizations can make a real difference in people’s lives, and our combined efforts will create enormously positive results, both in ROI and in bettering the world.”

Ivers will introduce DailyFeats on Colloquy’s Loyalty Leaders Cause Marketing Panel at DMA2010, the world’s largest gathering of cross-media/channel marketing professionals, on October 11 in San Francisco. He will discuss how DailyFeats empowers members to check in,  and earn real rewards for, positive actions—everything from running to reading, and volunteering to budgeting. Morley will speak about how DailyFeats enables brands to help consumers make healthier and more ethical choices, and how its unique system of check-ins and social incentives allows businesses and users to collaborate in creating positive change and in developing Brand Behavior Affinity™.

About DailyFeats
At DailyFeats,  taking positive action is easy, fun, and rewarding. The world would be a better place if more people had the time and energy every day to accomplish feats: actions that are good for our bodies, minds, homes,  and communities. So whenever you do something good – whether you’re running, reading, volunteering, or any of hundreds of other positive actions – check it in at DailyFeats. It’s a social platform for positive actions, where you can earn points, plan with friends, and find more good things to try. The goal is for you to live as well as you possibly can. DailyFeats is dedicated to making that happen.

About Morley Ivers
Morley is an experienced entrepreneur and loyalty program marketplace expert, specializing in strategy, business development,  management and operations within rapid growth business environments; he is a recognized expert and leader in the growing field of rewards and loyalty marketing. Morley has extensive experience working at the officer level of early to mid-stage ventures as well as more mature,  publicly listed, corporations. He is an Advisor to the green rewards program RecycleBank, where he was previously Chief Rewards Officer;  Morley has also served as GM for Air Incentives, Vice President of Business Strategy for Points International Ltd. And, CEO and Co-Founder of American Family Safety, and more. A Dean’s Honor List graduate of The Richard Ivey School of Business, Morley is a native of Toronto, Canada; he relocated his family to New York so that he could apply his passion for loyalty and reward programs, to better the world for his growing young family.

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