Customer Loyalty Report Lends Leverage to Loyalty Executives

Antavo, an Enterprise Loyalty Cloud platform providing brands with comprehensive loyalty program development and management, recently published its Survey for the 2023 Global Customer Loyalty Report to better understand how loyalty program trends are changing and what budgets and salaries are dedicated to loyalty.

The loyalty platform offered by Antavo is a true omnichannel solution that bridges the gap between online and offline. Data-driven personalization enables hyper-personalized communications and goes beyond the transaction by offering experiential rewards including unique social responsibility incentives. The company serves e-commerce, retail and travel industries, as well as some of the largest restaurant chains, airports and fashion houses in the world. 


Unique Findings Generate New Questions

Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson spoke with Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Partnerships for Antavo about the previous, 2022 report, its findings, and the ways marketers can use the data to leverage their own customer loyalty initiatives. 

As co-founder, it is Zsuzsa Kecsmar’s goal to spread the word about Antavo and ensure there are as many certified Antavo agents and loyalty consultants who can spread the word about the company’s intuitive, no-code, pure-play loyalty program technology. 

The 2022 Global Customer Loyalty Report was about the trends and industry preferences around loyalty programs post-Covid. The company surveyed 325 respondents from brands the world over. In addition, the team analyzed 25 million customer data points from the loyalty programs it manages. 

“The results were amazing,” states Kecsmar. In fact, it was the most successful thought-leadership project led by Antavo with nearly 3000 downloads in the first year. 

According to Kecsmar, the report is a comprehensive paper with valuable data that illustrates how important customer loyalty is to businesses today. The 2022 study indicated that 72% of loyalty leaders would like to revamp their loyalty program. Survey results prove what the loyalty sector has been saying, and that is loyalty is everywhere. It is imperative for businesses to have an active and engaging loyalty program in place if they want to remain competitive. In the last year alone there has been an enormous boom in the industry with a large focus on the transition to digital. 

The company will publish a new report for 2023 to see how the trends are changing, such as loyalty program satisfaction rates. The global survey that will be the baseline for the 2023 report has already been launched. Antavo has also completed 600 minutes of qualitative interviews with industry professionals and consultants who are on the front lines and witness these trends first-hand. 

New for 2023 are questions revolving around the role of loyalty programs during recessions, supporting ESG causes, as well as budgets for salaries dedicated to loyalty within the company structure. The survey will also determine the percentage of companies with in-house loyalty teams versus how many outsource to consultants. 

States Kecsmar, “It would be great for the CMOs to learn about costs and team salaries and for loyalty and marketing managers to benchmark their own salary.”   

While many in the industry will find the study useful for guidance on trends in loyalty programs, the findings will also give loyalty managers the leverage they need to justify costs for the loyalty program, build buy-in from upper management and earn a competitive salary. 

In addition to the Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023, Antavo will be publishing a special guide on how loyalty programs can be leveraged to support environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Loyalty programs can reduce waste, promote active lifestyles and go green by rewarding consumers for non-purchase interactions such as recycling or biking to work.

Contribute to the 2023 Customer Loyalty Report!

For those interested in contributing to the 2023 Global Customer Loyalty Report, you will find the survey link here

The survey is open through September 30, 2022, and takes about 9 minutes to complete. Those who participate in the survey will receive a complimentary advance copy of the published report before its official release in December.

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