Customer Feedback Prompts Relaunch of Redbox Loyalty Program

Redbox officials asked their customers the question and the response was resounding: Customers wanted more ways to earn points, attain tiered VIP status, and earn rewards at the Box and via On Demand.
Formerly known as Redbox Play Pass, the Redbox Perks loyalty program launched today and offers those benefits to loyal customers. The enhanced program offers more opportunities for customers to earn points, including renting and buying games, DVDs, Blue-ray discs, along with On Demand content.
“Customer feedback ultimately prompted the switch,” Mike Feldner, VP of Customer Strategy, Analytics & Engagement at Redbox, explained to Loyalty360. “In a survey, we asked them what they wanted out of our loyalty program and the major design changes were reflective of their responses. We’ll continue to evaluate the program through the lens of customer feedback.”
Feldner said the key differences between Redbox Play Pass and Redbox Perks are twofold.
“Points per day and tiers,” he said. “The main goal behind the updated program from a customer engagement perspective is to thank and reward those movie-watchers and gamers who are loyal Redbox customers.”
Feldner explained the thought process behind Points Per Day and Tiers:
Points Per Day: “Redbox customers let us know that it often takes them more than one night to finish a movie or game. We get it—plans change and life happens—so we wanted a way to reward those customers. Play Pass rewarded customers with points once per rental, but with the updated Redbox Perks program, users now get points for each night they have a movie or game.”
Tiers: “With any rewards program, you want to recognize your most loyal customers. Play Pass didn’t have any special benefits for our very best customers, those users that rent from us on a daily basis. So now we’re introducing tiers of benefits with Redbox Perks, and they’re called “Star,” “Superstar” and “Legend.” As you move up levels you’ll get free upgrades to Blu-ray rentals, special promotions, additional benefits on your birthday and Redbox anniversary, and more.”
Redbox Play Pass launched in 2014.
One of the major benefits of the updated program is the new Redbox Perks tiers: Star, Superstar, and Legend. The tier a customer is in is based on rental activity during the past calendar year.

  • 10 or more rentals – Star
  • 20 or more rentals – Superstar
  • 50 or more rentals – Legend
“What we’re really excited about in 2018 is that once you reach a higher Redbox Perks tier based on your activity, you not only get that next tier of benefits for the remainder of 2018, but you also get them for all of 2019 as well,” Feldner explained. “Another big benefit is that with Redbox Perks, customers will have many more opportunities to earn points. Specifically, they will have more non-transactional opportunities. Downloading the Redbox app, completing your profile, storing your credit card to make it easier to make online reservations, and so on will all earn you points. Customers like the simplicity of our program, which we are retaining as much as possible. They also enjoy redeeming free movies and games.”
Feldner said that Redbox Perks will lend itself to much more customer engagement.
“With Play Pass, you would just click on the ‘Credit’ button at the Box to get a free rental you’d earned and that’s not real engagement,” he said. “With Redbox Perks, you’ll be able to log in at the Box, and when you sign in you will receive a personalized experience—not everyone will see the same thing. You’ll be able to see your Redbox Perks points and promotions specific to you. Redbox Play Pass was a great first foray into a loyalty program, and as such, was a straight-forward ‘punch-card’ program. We certainly learned that greater personalization is required for deeper engagement. With Redbox Perks, we aimed to offer more ways to earn points and added some fun with tiers to earn even more rewards.”   

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