Contact Centers Miss Mark with Customer CareCustomer experiences directly impact customer loyalty, according to a new research paper titled, Where Contact Centers Are Missing the Mark with Customer Care,” which was written by Ovum in collaboration with LogMeIn.

According to the research, a staggering 76% of customers leave after one bad experience.

“Access to information and product data on the web has dramatically increased, giving customers more power to make decisions about which companies they choose to do business with,” the research says. “They can write or read reviews of products and services, see competitor pricing, and determine the best way to fix a technical problem without even contacting a customer support representative. This means that businesses must be more on the ball than ever, monitoring how customers are using information online and understanding what drives loyalty.”

What’s more, “businesses need to ensure that customers are truly getting the support they need, whether through online tools or access to live agents when they need it.”

Companies can avoid calls by providing better engagement on their sites, according to the research.

More than 60% of customers claim to use the web to research information most of the time before they call the contact center, and a further 23% occasionally use the web for research first.

“This indicates two trends,” according to the research. “Either that customers cannot find the information they need online, or that they are collecting useful information to bring to discussions with agents. On the business side, only 28% of contact center managers believe that customers are using the web on a regular basis before making a call. They know that customers are using the web and mobile devices to find information, but the extent of web use has not been tracked as closely as it should be. Marketing teams typically have website usage statistics, but this data isn’t always shared with customer support. Managers in the contact center need this data so that they gain a more complete picture of how customers are looking for information on the web and at which point they need to contact an agent.”

Ovum surveyed 315 contact center managers and 400 customers across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Responses were gathered through a web-based survey program in November and December 2014. The surveys reviewed the importance of customer service in keeping customers loyal. It looked at customers’ multichannel expectations and discovered gaps in the solutions that customers need compared with the mobile and web support tools that businesses are providing. The survey spans all sizes of business and major industry categories, including both public and private sector.

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