Customer Experience Can’t Be One-Dimensional

As CMO of TIBCO Software, Thomas Been knows the importance of effective and impactful customer experience.

TIBCO Software is an American company that provides integration, analytics, and event-processing software for companies to use on-premises or as part of cloud computing environments. The software manages information, decisions, processes, and applications for more than 10,000 customers.

Based in Palo AltoCA, TIBCO Software has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Some of its clients include AirFrance/KLM, Conway, ING, Marks and Spencer, Nielsen, Shell, University of Chicago Medicine, and Western Union.

“Experience cannot be a one-dimensional thing,” Been explained to Loyalty360. “You need to be available and consistent across channels. How can we provide a consistent set of experiences across channels? Second is the lack of information. How do you extract the right insights that are meaningful about your product intent? What is the data you’re going to consider and how are you going to adopt an end-to-end view?”

Wrap the solution around your customers’ needs and interests and that creates an integrated approach across functions, Been noted.

“All of this needs to happen because they realize the speed at which all of this is evolving,” Been said. “You have a lot of competition in terms of CX. You have to get people’s interest and keep it to increase loyalty. We see CX really embracing the practice that small and big companies are having in terms of innovation. You need to be relevant. It requires a different cadence, constantly trying and constantly measuring, finding the right path as you go. This innovative culture is becoming important, along with having a partner that evolves and flows with them to have more sustainable loyalty.”

Many of TIBCO’s clients, Been noted, have a pretty good understanding of their audiences and then of their customer bases.

“But, they’re scratching their heads, wondering what exactly will have an impact and decide how they will adapt,” he added. “You need this end-to-end view to decipher what lever you’ll be able to use to make the experience more compelling and truly foster this loyalty. The other big challenge is that this is a fast-moving world with a lot of competition, and the fight to remain relevant while tailoring and evolving as the customer does is also a big challenge. That ties to the evolution of the product and the direction we’re going.”

Where does Been see CX and customer loyalty headed?

“I see CX becoming more and more of a transverse capability of companies,” he explained. “Organizations are shaping up along this experience. It used to be marketing would own the experience. The importance of CX and loyalty becomes more significant now for other factions besides marketing. We see more involved and improved collaboration with all the other parts of the company that haa touch points with the customer.”

Many organizations within any business have to align and use the same metrics to work toward the same goal, he said.

“We live in a world where the experience is so important,” Been said. “That’s where it’s becoming more and more top of mind. It has visibility higher and higher up the chain. We see more investment being provided. We see airlines increasingly focus on the end-to-end experience. For airlines, the customer journey starts at the person’s home. That notion of experience is now becoming top of mind. Digital transformation is largely revolving around CX. CX really becomes the foundation for how they will attract customers and how they will measure the business. The evidence is CX is becoming increasingly important and we see businesses shaping up around this notion of CX.”

To create deeper customer relationships, companies have to have the ability to “have people feel everything is wrapped around them,” Been said. “The big opportunity is to get to this level where the program is not even a program, but a relationship itself between the brand and the person. The notion of rewards gets blended into the experience between brand and person. The biggest hindrance would be how are brands assembling these pieces, innovating, and having to maintain innovation. The world is moving very fast. It’s not something that can be fixed in a one-time action. It will be a continuous evolution of CX that maps with the evolution of the audience.”

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