Customer Engagement with the Weather Is Sky High

Making the weather a keen attraction for consumers might seem like a lofty goal, but that’s not the case, according to William McGarry, vice president of sales at AccuWeather.

“Engagement with the weather is high because it impacts every part of all of our lives,” McGarry explained to Loyalty360. “How we dress. How we entertain ourselves and our families. How we get to where we are going, or do we stay put. Do we go out to eat or order in? We provide information with superior accuracy, of both weather and location, to ensure people, both professionally and personally, can go on with their lives as safely and comfortably as possible.”

Recently, AccuWeather partnered with Comprendi to bring targeted contextual advertising to social media users.

“Working with Comprendi, AccuWeather is serving additive messaging to people via social media channels, triggered by events that are interesting to them within the context of weather and where they are, in the moment,” McGarry said.

What’s more, McGarry said that AccuWeather will continue to expand an intuitive and simple user experience for audiences and advertising partners across all platforms and mobile devices.

“Working with Comprendi allows us to deliver content and advertising that is beyond our borders, socializing everything we do, triggered by weather, location, and events,” McGarry said. “The key is that everything we do is native and additive to our users while offering a simple, one-stop-shop solution to our marketing partners who are interested in reaching the right person, at the right time and place, regardless of platform. Whether the user is on our app, our site, on Facebook or Twitter, we can grab their attention based on the context of where they are, what the condition is outside, or what might be interesting to them 20 feet away.”

Itai Ben-Zaken, co-founder and CEO of Comprendi, told Loyalty360 that his company’s technology enables advertisers to reach the most relevant consumers in the most relevant weather “moments.”

“We now enable AccuWeather advertising clients to significantly improve the efficiency of their ad delivery, their reach, and their return on Ad Spend,” Ben-Zaken explained. “In addition to that, because the ads that consumers are seeing from these advertisers are also much more contextually relevant, the end user experience is also improved so it is a win-win situation for both advertisers and end users.”

Using Comprendi’s technology, AccuWeather’s unique and top-quality weather data will now be available to use on Twitter and Facebook advertising, something that wasn’t available until now.

“Based on the new partnership, advertisers are now able to auto launch real-time ads conditioned upon AccuWeather weather signals (e.g. show an iced ladder when it gets above 90F) on the most prominent social media,” Ben-Zaken said. “Our goals are to expand our product capabilities and continue to push the envelope in delivering the best outcome based advertising products to sophisticated advertisers. I am super excited about partnering with AccuWeather on this as they have built a very strong reputation of having the best data and algorithms in the space, and together I believe we can now offer the best weather trigger ads solution in the market.”

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