Customer Engagement Reigns Supreme at Newegg

Customer engagement reigns supreme at Newegg, one of the top tech-focused e-retailers in North America.

Loyalty360 talked to Merle McIntosh, senior vice president sales & marketing, Newegg, about the company’s unique approach to its customer engagement initiatives.

How does Newegg view customer engagement and what are some of the things you do in this regard?
McIntosh: Customer engagement is hugely important to Newegg and we provide outlets for it everywhere. We are famous for our reviews--which are never aggregated or shared to other sites—and also famous for our customer service where people not only get help for issues, but also get help with product selection. We offer three different chat services to help our customers. And, of course, on social media where we connect our customers with tech news, content, and deals. They, in turn, post pictures of their latest tech and encourage others to do the same. Each day members from social media, customer service, logistics, legal, and B2B get together and take a look at what people have said over the previous 24 hours. We look at what people are saying and react. It helps us stay close to our customers. Finally, we love seeing and talking with our customers at events, such as PAX East, to get 1-on-1 time with customers.

Given the prominence of mobile today, how has Newegg leveraged this and what has been the impact on customer engagement?
McIntosh: Mobile is a growing component of our overall strategy. We keep our mobile apps current and offer mobile-only features to better match the mobile experience. 

What have you done in recent years to enhance the overall customer experience?
McIntosh: We strive to deliver an enjoyable customer experience at every touch point. Every time a customer visits our site, purchases a product, or even returns a product–we want each of those interactions to be efficient and helpful, leaving customers with a favorable opinion of Newegg. We know there are many shopping options, so we strive to provide the best information and build the best tech community for and by our customers.

Do you think you have to provide the right atmosphere from a company standpoint to generate customer loyalty?
McIntosh: We believe Newegg delivers one of the best ecommerce shopping experiences, with customer service and support that simply can’t be beat.

Do you think it’s easier to retain your best customers or acquire new ones? Which one do you focus on more?
McIntosh: One isn’t necessarily easier than the other, however, both segments present unique paths to success. For example, email marketing plays a large role in customer retention, whereas general branding is especially effective for new customer acquisition.

Do you leverage social media for customer engagement and, if so, in what ways?
McIntosh: Social is an increasingly important part of our customer engagement strategy. Our #NeweggLove programs provide opportunities for our community to let us know how they would incorporate new tech in their lives and those customers with the best stories get to try it out. These types of programs are much more engaging than simple sweepstakes and more exciting than regular posts. They are very popular with our customers.

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