Mens wearhouse customer engagement Matt Stringer, EVP Marketing, The Men’s Wearhouse is excited about the customer engagement levels that have transpired at his company since it incorporated a mobile wallet.

Stringer discussed this significant rise in customer engagement during Tuesday’s “Vibes Webinar Webinar Featuring The Men’s Wearhouse and Guest Forrester: Mobile Wallets Will Become Marketing Platforms.”

Vibes is a mobile marketing technology leader that helps some of the world’s biggest brands unlock new revenue by arming them with the technology and guidance they need to succeed in mobile marketing.

Stringer discussed how his team is delivering 10X in-store redemption by activating emails with Passbook & Google Wallet, and he expects to see seven-figure results in 2015 with mobile wallet marketing.

The Men’s Wearhouse, which is No. 1 in market share in the men’s apparel specialty space, was one of the first retailers to start using Passbook in early 2013, and the company has conducted more than 50 mobile wallet-activated email campaigns.

“We’re using digital and, specifically, mobile to better integrate our mobile experience because the customer is at the center of our digital journey,” Stringer said. “We want to amplify the store experience to drive that customer to a variety of channels.”

Stringer said The Men’s Wearhouse focuses on innovation that meets customer needs and wants.

“From our standpoint, being able to integrate coupons into Passbook and Google Wallet gives us top-of-mind notice with customers,” Stringer explained. “We’re happy our customers are happy and active with Passbook and Google Wallet. We think consumer adoption will continue.”

Stringer said email is a great way to reach customers, but his company wanted to differentiate itself to better engage customers.

“If consumers are making the conscious consideration to pull content out of that inbox into a mobile wallet, we’ve seen significant redemption rates,”Mens Wearhouse customer engagement he said. “That intent, for us, is matriculating into a higher redemption rate. We think they have a stronger call-to-action to react to.”

What’s more, Stringer said The Men’s Wearhouse saw a 10x increase in redemption rates from emails that had the “Save to Wallet” feature.

In December, The Men’s Wearhouse launched a multichannel, multi-faceted, mobile wallet holiday campaign via mobile display ads; web; social, and email. The campaign used an SMS opt-in, and an SMS gamification tailored to mobile.

“We’re taking an integrated and holistic approach in 2015 and it’s about how we engage consumers,” Stringer said. “We want to create content that engages customers and puts them at the center of that experience. We have collected a lot of great data and we have seen a 166% increase in redemption vs. other mobile couponing programs that didn’t include a Save to Wallet feature.”

What’s more, there was a 35% increase in average-order-value from the Mobile Wallet Holiday Campaign.

What’s next? Customer loyalty.

Stringer said the company wants to integrate the mobile wallet with the company’s Perfect Fit loyalty program, which started last year.

“We have a loyalty app and pushing the loyalty card into the mobile wallet itself is the next step for us,” he said. “That will give us real-time dynamic communications capabilities. We would be able to prompt them and make those messages more visible that could rise above the other channels.”

Stringer offered some advice for loyalty marketers looking to pursue a mobile wallet:

Put the customer at the center of your digital journey

Define a holistic mobile strategy

Activate all marketing channels with mobile marketing and mobile wallet

Build a robust SMS database

Integrate Mobile Wallet with your own app

Select a partner who can help with strategy and execution (We feel like we’ve found the right partner with Vibes,” Stringer noted.

Get started … yesterday (“Be ahead of the curve and be there when the customer expects you to be there.”)

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