Jamba Juice Brand Loyalty

Jamba Juice Co. is so dedicated to providing a unique and memorable customer experience. In turn, that translates to a unique brand loyalty love.

Julie Washington, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer for Jamba Juice, sat down with Loyalty360 for a candid discussion about her company’s committed views on customer experience and customer engagement.

How does the “Voice of the Customer feedback” impact your customer experiences?

What the customer tells us has a huge impact. Jamba Juice has high standards for the customer experience, and if we see a slip in ratings in any area, we take immediate action to correct it. We also make ongoing improvements as new opportunities allow. For instance, in the past few years, we’ve added things like order-ahead and mobile wallets to enhance speed-of-service.

Who is the champion of Customer Experience at Jamba Juice?

Jamba Juice is run by a relatively small management team, and therefore, all of us who work at Jamba’s headquarter office see ourselves as champions of the customer experience. The Marketing team works closely with IT, Operations Services, HR, and Customer Support to develop programs, processes, and to integrate technologies to enhance the customer experience. At Jamba, everything begins with the customer in mind.

How do you define CX?

We define the customer experience as the interaction with the customer at every point of contact, including the actual transaction and exchange in our stores, the website and social platform online experience, and the engagement with our Customer Service team.

How do you measure the effectiveness/efficacy of the program?

For the in-store experience, we use an industry-standard third-party service that measures actual consumer response data. It informs us of how customers rate things such as friendliness of staff, speed-of-service, quality of product, etc. We also monitor customer feedback online, and through consumer intercepts and focus groups.

Is the basis of your CX strategy short-term, medium, longer term or all three?

It really is all three. Jamba Juice is constantly exploring new tools or applications to improve the customer’s interaction. At the same time, we are monitoring through feedback on an ongoing basis, and we have a number of initiatives in motion as part of our quest for continuous improvement and innovation leadership.

Is the measurement process for efficacy different based on the term?

No, we use the same industry-standard measurements on an ongoing basis.

Has there been an “ah-ha” moment in this journey?

I have worked on some large and amazing CPG brands, but none compare to the response I regularly hear from consumers regarding their love of Jamba and how it fits into their life. It takes brand affinity and devotion to a new level.

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