Creating Immersive Customer Experience at The Finish Line

The Finish Line officials want to become even more relevant to their customers, creating immersive customer experiences. Digital customer experiences are among the most prominent ones for Finish Line customers.

The Finish Line CEO Sam Sato talked about this compelling theme during the company’s third-quarter earnings call last month.

“Developing immersive experiences for our customers that take storytelling to the next level through the integration of technology is central to our store strategy,” Sato explained.

For example, Sato noted the company’s RFID digital display, which is otherwise known as The Finish Line sneaker feed, which gives the customer the ability to drop a shoe on a shelf and see unique content.

“This includes consumer ratings, video inspiration, product details, and socially integrated images that showcase how you should style the product,” Sato explained. “These exciting features can add to a customer’s confidence in their purchase while making the entire shopping experience more interactive. The continued elevation and development of a connected store experience is a critical factor in driving relevance and engagement with today’s consumer. No longer is the store environment only about the transaction, it’s about being memorable and shareable.”

During the third quarter, the Finish Line experienced solid digital growth fueled by robust gains in mobile traffic along with higher conversion.

“Consumers have responded favorably to the latest iteration of the Finish Line app launched earlier this year and the subsequent upgrades we recently rolled out,” Sato said. “We now have the ability to create opportunities in the app for customers to be informed of our latest and greatest sneakers, provide access to coveted products, deliver live content, and better connect the in-store experience through digital content and push notifications enabled by beacon technology and deliver loyalty rewards. We are currently working on additional upgrades to the app such as geo-fencing technology that launched tailored offers and in-store opportunities based on customer preferences. We have also increased the speed of our sites, including page loads and simplified the checkout process, so customers can finalize their transactions quicker. Post-purchase, customers can now easily track their packages and receive notification of package delivery details as well as initiate a return directly from our website making it easier and faster to return an item.”

What’s more, company officials are focused on delivering frictionless experiences that lead with mobile.

“In support of the customers’ expectations of a personalized, fast, and consistent experience anytime and from anywhere, we will create and launch initiatives that deliver on these expectations in the short term, while building a scalable solution for the ever-changing retail landscape,” Sato added.

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