HERNDON, Va.—Vovici,      the leading provider of Voice of the Customer and enterprise feedback     management solutions, today announced that The     CRC Team, a full service market research and strategic consulting     firm, is the first New Mexico market research company to integrate     Vovici into their client services, market research, consulting and     project management departments.

Chris Cordova, founder and president of The CRC Team, has been in the     market research business for over 25 years and believes the Internet has     dramatically changed the industry. “We have learned over the past decade     that you either transcend with innovative, new tools or you lose     business. That is why we have chosen Vovici,” stated Cordova.

Market research includes everything from surveys, polling, customer     service studies, advertising research, focus groups, economic impact     studies, feasibility studies, facilitation and syndicated research     consultation and administration. Collecting feedback has matured from     mail, phone and paper surveys to online and now, mobile. “The industry     knows what tasks need to be completed to successfully serve a client,      but if you can’t reach the people, it becomes useless,” stated Mr.      Cordova.

In early 2011, CRC began to research options for its in-house survey     program and wanted to extend the capabilities into a more comprehensive     Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform. The requirements for the partner     of choice included customizable branding, product flexibility and     options for easy integration with other platforms like video and mobile.

“Vovici exceeded all of our requirements and the latest release of     Vovici Mobile locked in the partnership,” added Cordova. “The ability to     take surveys on the go, review campaign status and tap into response     rates on iPhone or Android devices are key factors for both our B2B and     B2C customers.”

“CRC’s vision is to be the company that applies a holistic approach to     market research, consulting and project management and the emphasis they     put on feedback is a testament to the exponential growth of the VoC     market,” says Dave Capuano, vice president of marketing for Vovici.      “Organizations are not only realizing the role of feedback but how     complex the backend process really is.”

About Vovici

Vovici is the leading provider of Voice of the Customer and enterprise     feedback management solutions. Powerful, scalable and easy to use,      Vovici’s solutions help companies engage customers, employees and     partners to increase loyalty, facilitate innovation, and influence     critical business decisions. More than a thousand organizations     worldwide, including more than half of the Fortune 500, rely on Vovici     to turn information into action. Visit www.vovici.com for more information.

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