Corporate Partners Shell and PDI Celebrate 10-Years of Fuel Rewards

Shell and PDI announced the launch of 10 months of rewards to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Fuel Rewards program. As part of the celebration, Fuel Rewards members will receive limited-time in-store offers and sweepstakes giving away approximately $10 million in fuel savings. 

"Shell is always looking to offer a variety of options and value to our customers, and this is our way of demonstrating our loyalty to members with these special offers over the next 10 months,” said Chris Suess, Head of NA Loyalty & CRM for Shell Mobility. “At Shell, we believe in loyalty to our customers, and we want to thank our members for making the Fuel Rewards program the top gas and convenience loyalty program.”  

New and existing members can take advantage of extra fuel savings and offers, including three tiers of fuel savings up to $1 off per gallon. Members can enter through their Fuel Rewards account on the website and opt into the sweepstakes. Additionally, members will automatically receive one additional entry per fill up at participating Shell stations. Members who fill up with Shell V-Power NiTRO+ premium fuel receive five additional entries per fill up.

New members who join the Fuel Rewards program will earn 25 cents offer per gallon after their first fill-up with their Fuel Rewards account. Members are also eligible for special promotions on select in-store purchases.

"The Fuel Rewards program has come a long way in adding value with new ways to save," said Brandon Logsdon, President of Consumer Engagement at PDI. "Over the course of 10 years, more than 25 million members have earned $2 billion in fuel savings, and we are proud to celebrate our 10-year anniversary by continuing to add value for the loyal consumers that support us.” 
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