Confirmit’s IRM ArticleTo truly connect with customers, brands must first truly understand their customers. This is not always an easy task. But there are a host of new technological innovations that are helping this customer engagement process become manageable. And brands seeking the tools to gain the insights necessary to build long-term growth often turn to outside customer experience professionals for help.

Confirmit, a multi-channel VoC platform and marketing solutions provider, is a leading player in this space.

By helping brands gain a holistic view of the customer journey though an array of scalable data collection, research, and reporting functions, Confirmit has helped numerous brands integrate these capabilities to drive successful customer engagement across multiple channels. 

This is becoming a valuable service for brands everywhere, and Confirmit has just announced plans to expand its growing presence across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

In order to provide a superior customer experience in these markets, Confirmit has acquired Information Research Management Pty Ltd (IRM). The acquisition of IRM, an Australian-based Confirmit value added reseller and market research consulting firm, will help Confirmit offer a high level of VoC, VoE, and comprehensive customer experience marketing solutions to an expanding base of clients.

“By establishing a presence in the region, Confirmit will be better able to serve businesses looking to gain a competitive edge by capturing the Voice of the Customer in order to enhance the experiences they offer,” Tim Hannington, Confirmit EVP EMEA & APAC, told Loyalty360. “Our most successful customers are those running very large, highly sophisticated VoC programmes – for example capturing feedback from around 30 countries using 17 languages. The ability to handle such programmes, along with incredible scalability and security, is key to what we do. We intend to expand the existing team in the region rapidly to strengthen the support base that businesses need to develop such programmes.”

As Confirmit’s reseller, IRM brings over 10 years of experience managing an array of valuable marketing services including local sales support, training, and consulting. In addition to acquiring new clients, Confirmit believes that IRM will enhance its already award-winning marketing initiatives that cater to clients such as British Airways, NRMA, The Online Research Unit, Pure Profile and Fairfax Media Limited.

“The acquisition of IRM is part of our continued global growth strategy that will enable us to deliver our industry-leading solutions around the world,” said Henning Hansen, Confirmit President and CEO. “We’re committed to strategically expanding our business through endeavors that will benefit our customers and the wider market.”

The newly merged entity will be called Confirmit Australia Pty Ltd. and it will be based in Sydney, Australia.

IRM is also exited about the new endeavor.

“Joining forces with Confirmit is an entirely logical step for IRM,” said Chris Breslin, IRM General Manager and Confirmit’s new Country Manager. “We’ve worked closely together for over a decade, and by becoming part of the core business, we’ll be able to draw on the wide range of technology, solutions and expertise held across the company. This move represents a great step forward not only for Confirmit, but for companies in Asia Pacific looking to run world-class feedback and research programs.”

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