Comcast Confident in Providing Exemplary Customer Experience

Comcast CXBrian Roberts, CEO of Comcast Corp., the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world based on revenue, is confident where his company stands from a customer engagement and customer experience aspect.

In May, Comcast announced a multi-year plan to reinvent the customer experience and to create a culture focused on exceeding customers’ expectations at all levels of the company. The plan focuses on looking at every decision through a customer lens and making measureable changes and improvements across the company

“We had the best second quarter in nine years,” Roberts said during the Sept. 16 Goldman Sachs Communacopia Brokers Conference, according to Seeking Alpha. “It still was a loss, so we are not declaring victory. But we think the innovation of the products, the lower churn, better service, sharper focus, and doing it over and over every quarter is working.”

And that’s not all.

“And right now, we have a talking remote,” Roberts said. “You talk into the remote, you say, ‘find me The Royals’ and there it is. If you go to any other cable company or any other satellite company you are scrolling, you are going across, you are typing in letters, there is nothing quite like it. We put 1 million of these talking remotes out in the last several months. We are doing 70,000 a week. There are no extra costs to our consumers and we can innovate off that platform. That – so it seemed the ecosystem changing, as Mike said the future is not set in concrete, is taking your destiny and trying to do something about it better than others. And so I hope that will continue that we will make improvement over each year, each quarter and keep the churn down.”Comcast CX

Given Comcast’s mix of assets, Roberts believes the company is “uniquely positioned at the cross-section of technology and media. We want to have the fastest best network in the investments that we can make in that space. We can talk more about it, but great investment opportunities. And that’s why our company has grown for all these years while satellite came and phone companies came. And we were able and have been able to continually position the company. But sitting here today, I feel we have a fantastic set of assets. And we do have what we need. And we do not feel the need to go out and do something just for the sake of it, for sure.”

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