Cleveland Browns Elevate the Stadium Experience with Real-Time AI

The Cleveland Browns are bringing loyalty rewards and surprise-and-delight moments to fans this season where it matters most — in the stadium on gameday.  

The Browns’ refreshed “Dawg Rewards” loyalty program was developed in partnership with and debuted at the first preseason Browns game. Season ticket holders who attended received special discounts and streamlined entrance passes on the Browns mobile app.  

"We're constantly looking for ways to enhance the Browns fan experience,” said Brent Rossi, Browns Senior Vice president, Marketing and Media. "Partnering with will help us continue to innovate the gameday experience, and we're excited to work together this season to digitally enhance how we reward our fans." 

The team plans to engage all game attendees digitally next season — as well as facilitate in-person stadium experiences — using the real-time AI data activation platform. The technology integrates with existing systems so that offers and experiences can be connected to membership tiers, sponsors, concessions, and stadium operations. The AI platform collects and analyzes metrics like fan engagement rates and spending patterns to continuously refine its performance.  

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