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Clarins goes from paper to digital loyalty program with LoyaltyMatch

Luxury cosmetics company Clarins has teamed with LoyaltyMatch, Inc., to enhance and re-launch its Club Clarins loyalty program, moving from a paper-based to an online system.

The Club Clarins program enables customers to redeem special gifts and sample sets reserved for its VIP members. Club members can track purchases, rewards and earned points online.

“We chose LoyaltyMatch OnDemand because it provides a streamlined platform with the existing features that we require and the ability to customize the site as wanted,” said Hal Wen, Clarins USA director of Internet marketing in a prepared statement. “We wanted to manage the site administration ourselves with support from LoyaltyMatch when needed. LoyaltyMatch OnDemand could do all that.”

Clarins initially launched the program with its previous Club Clarins members, offering them an exclusive invitation and knowledge of the revised program. The program has since been expanded to new Club Clarins members.

Kelly Keating, coordinator, consumer relations marketing for Clarins USA, added that the company chose to retain the site administration and marketing because it enables Clarins to continue to communicate with customers on a more personalized basis, a level of service that the Clarins’ customer expects.

“This way we can monitor what customers order and can offer them different options,” Keating said. “We can cater to customer preferences and have a closer relationship with our customers.”

LoyaltyMatch OnDemand is a loyalty program that runs on a Software-as-a-Service platform to enable integration of social media, mobile, Web and purchase data. As such, the platform offered a good fit for Paris-based Clarins, which offers its products online and through various high-end retail locations, like Bloomgdale’s and Nieman Marcus, Keating said.

Before teaming up with LoyaltyMatch, Clarins was operating a paper-based loyalty program that required customers to fill out a form, attach UPS codes for product purchases, mail it in and then wait for rewards in the mail.

“We wanted to revamp the program to offer our customers a simpler way to track what rewards that they were earning,” Keating said.

With the LoyaltyMatch program, all of the information is entered and rewards selections are made online, greatly simplifying the process, said Brad Ball, president of LoyaltyMatch. “We’ve digitized the entire process. Our systems hooked into Clarins’ backend.”

Other customers rely on LoyaltyMatch for site administration and marketing of the loyalty programs as well as providing the SaaS platform, Ball added. The company has customers in “dozens of countries,” and recently launched in Spain and Portugal.

“We had noticed that an increasing amount of our customers were going online and we looked at this as an opportunity to engage with our customers,” Keating said, adding that the online program enables Clarins to collect more accurate and complete customer information, including their preferred method of communication. Consumers must provide e-mail, phone and physical address information to join the loyalty program. “This enables us to cater to what the customer is expecting. We can more appropriately add value when the customer is shopping with Clarins.”

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