Cision Communications Cloud Sparks Heightened Customer Engagement for Fingerpaint

Fingerpaint, a marketing innovation agency with offices spanning the country, was looking for a solution that would both streamline its workflow process and clearly demonstrate its campaign efforts for clients in a tangible way.

Enter Cision and its new Cision Communications Cloud™ software as a way to manage its media outreach, monitoring, and track its ROI all in a single place.

With Cision’s integrated platform, Fingerpaint eliminated its use of one-off point solutions and, instead, focuses on cultivating new business development opportunities.

“The Cision Communications Cloud allows Fingerpaint to track our media relations efforts from beginning to end in a variety of verticals,” Fingerpaint spokesperson Lynita Johnson told Loyalty360. “We can track communications by contact throughout the year, looking at open rates and conversions to coverage by individual media contact. We are also able to monitor individual campaigns or projects, monitoring flow of coverage over time, use of keywords and overall impact on identified goals. And, of course, by client seeing the result of months of work by product. Ultimately, this information allows us to report back to potential, new, and existing clients on how media relations efforts are impacting their business goals and have a clear vision of the media landscape.”

Through the Cision Communications Cloud™, Fingerpaint has improved several key areas of previously segmented communication functions, including:

Earned media: Ability to track engagement and leads from pitches and media placements.

Influencer relations: Ability to identify influencers and manage relationships.

Competitive analysis: Ability to track how clients stack up against competitors.

Media relations: Ability to customize media lists with personalized notes and additional private contacts enable optimal organization.

Engagement performance: Ability to track the performance of distributed content and provide insight to clients.
Based in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Fingerpaint is a strategic and creative marketing agency committed to original thinking and uncommon collaboration. The firm specializes in advertising, analytics and strategic planning, audio and video production, brand development, digital and multichannel marketing, event marketing, and public relations.

Cision has impacted Fingerpaint’s efficiencies related to managing various communication exponents.

“Cision has become mission control for our media and influencer communication,” Johnson added. “Having research, monitoring, and outreach tools located in one platform has streamlined our reporting process from a monthly chore to a simple on-demand resource.”

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