Cheerios is donating $1.3 million to No Kid Hungry to give immediate support to those children facing hunger. A part of this the donation will be going to help Corsicana’s local FJV Foundation to help build a food pantry. The brand is also partnering with cheer all-star Jerry Harris, who struggled with food insecurity as a child.
“I personally grew up facing food insecurity and didn’t always know where my next meal was coming from,” says Harris. “It’s through those experiences that I learned the power of positivity and feel honored to now partner with Cheerios and No Kid Hungry to spread that message to others.”
Starting August 4, Harris began a content series in partnership with Cheerios on his Instagram account @jerryharris, that looks to spread the word. He will show people how they can join Cheerios and No Kid Hungry, as well as lead a weekly Morning Motivation mat talk series that teaches children how to start their day with inspiration so they can be positive for and around others.
“Jerry Harris’ personal experience with food insecurity is one that is shared by too many kids in America today,” says Ricardo Fernandez, president of General Mills cereal division. “We hope that our partnership with No Kid Hungry and Jerry opens people’s eyes to the impact this pandemic is having on childhood hunger rates and connects them to resources that help create solutions. This fight is critical because Cheerios believes that every kid should have access to the nutritious meals they need so that each day can be fueled with positivity.”
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